Grand Jury Clears Osceola County Deputies in Target Shooting: Sheriff to Address Controversial Decision

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – The Osceola County sheriff will address the findings of a grand jury at a press conference on Wednesday, concerning the shooting incident at a Target store in Kissimmee in April 2022. The incident resulted in the death of one person and injury to two others. The State Attorney, Andrew Bain, revealed the decision made by the grand jury on Tuesday. During the press conference, Bain stated, “The grand jury considered the testimonies of witnesses, experts, and reviewed other evidence to reach the conclusion that charges should not be filed against the … Read more

Streamlining Mass Tort Cases: Solving the Data Problem for Plaintiffs’ Firms

In mass tort cases, the process of collecting data during client intake can be challenging for plaintiffs’ firms. With hundreds or thousands of clients and a pool of prospective clients coming from different channels and using various intake formats, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the data becomes a complex task. Oftentimes, prospective clients may submit data in different formats or provide insufficient, incomplete, or irrelevant supporting documentation. To address this data problem, plaintiffs’ firms can benefit from implementing a structured, standardized, and streamlined approach to collecting client data. This will enable them to obtain … Read more