Determined Dog Owner Seeks Justice: Attorney Engaged After BCSO Deputies Shoot Her Beloved Rottweilers

KENNEWICK, Wash. (AP) — A dog owner in Kennewick, Washington is seeking legal advice after two of her Rottweilers were shot by Benton County Sheriff’s Office deputies. The incident occurred when deputies were responding to a call about loose and aggressive dogs in a residential neighborhood. The dog owner, whose identity remains undisclosed, is devastated and is working closely with her lawyer to determine the best course of action. She claims that her Rottweilers, which she considers her beloved pets and members of her family, were wrongfully targeted and unnecessarily harmed. The owner insists that … Read more

Unseen Body Cam Footage Revealed in Trial of Former Williamson County Deputies in Javier Ambler’s Death

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas – The trial of two former Williamson County deputies charged with manslaughter continued with the presentation of unseen body camera footage. The footage included interviews with both defendants just moments after the 2019 in-custody death of Javier Ambler. Former Deputy James Johnson’s statement, “I wasn’t trying to hurt that f******* guy,” resonated through the courtroom, capturing the essence of the trial. Assistant Chief David testified as a witness, analyzing his body camera footage from the night of the incident and the interviews he conducted with the defendants. The body camera footage revealed … Read more

Former Williamson County Deputies Face Manslaughter Charges in Javier Ambler’s Death: Jury Selection Begins

Travis County, Texas – Jury selection is set to commence on Tuesday for the trial of two former Williamson County deputies who are facing charges of manslaughter in the death of Javier Ambler. Ambler, a former postal worker, died during a law enforcement pursuit in March 2019 involving former deputies James Johnson and Zachary Camden. The chase came to an end in north Austin and was being filmed for the A&E reality show Live PD. However, the footage of the incident was never aired on television and subsequently destroyed. According to indictments, prosecutors alleged that … Read more

Osceola County Sheriff’s Deputies Cleared in Target Shooting, Grand Jury Decision Stirs Controversy

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – A grand jury in Central Florida has concluded its deliberations on charges against Osceola County Sheriff’s deputies involved in a shooting that resulted in the death of a 21-year-old man. After careful consideration, the grand jury determined that formal charges against the two officers were not legally warranted. This case marks the first instance of a deadly force incident being presented to a grand jury under the policy implemented by State Attorney Andrew Bain. The policy requires that all law enforcement uses of deadly force be reviewed by a grand jury … Read more