Advocacy Groups Sue Alabama Officials Over Restrictive Voting Bill, Citing Constitutional Violations and Disproportionate Impact

Birmingham, Alabama – Several advocacy groups have filed a lawsuit against Alabama state officials, challenging a recently enacted law that restricts access to voting. The groups argue that Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), which criminalizes certain engagement measures related to absentee ballots, directly targets and penalizes activities that enable broader voting rights. Signed into law last month, SB 1 makes it illegal to request or collect absentee ballots for anyone other than close relatives. It also criminalizes filling out or mailing an application or ballot on behalf of someone else. The bill specifically targets Alabamians … Read more

Shelton Floral Company Faces $1.85 Million Penalty for Labor Law Violations, Federal Court Rules

Shelton, Washington – A federal court has ruled that a floral company based in Shelton must pay $1.85 million in penalties for violating labor laws. The court’s decision serves as a significant blow to the company, which was found guilty of numerous violations that impacted its employees. The case sheds light on the importance of upholding labor regulations and protecting workers’ rights. The ruling comes after an investigation by federal authorities revealed multiple instances of misconduct by the Shelton floral company. The violations included failure to pay employees the legally mandated minimum wage and overtime … Read more

From Labor Shortages to Child Labor Violations: States Take Divergent Paths in Updating Child Labor Laws

Albany, New York – Child labor violations are on the rise across the United States, prompting numerous states to consider updating their child labor laws. While some states are seeking to strengthen protections for young workers, many others are attempting to weaken existing laws. The push for changes in child labor regulations comes as businesses, especially those in the service industry, have faced labor shortages since the start of the pandemic. This has led to an increase in hiring teenagers, whose wages are typically lower than those of adults. Experts in labor argue that the … Read more

Transnational Corporate Law Litigation: Holding American Corporations Accountable for Foreign Violations Through Fiduciary Duty Claims

Wilmington, Delaware – Corporate law experts in the United States widely recognize the significance of Delaware’s legal compliance jurisprudence. While directors and officers have considerable leeway in making business decisions, they are not immune to being held accountable for corporate law violations. Directors and officers betray shareholders when they knowingly allow the corporation to break the law. A forthcoming paper titled “Transnational Corporate Law Litigation” in the Duke Law Journal explores how Delaware’s legal compliance jurisprudence can be utilized to deter corporate lawbreaking in foreign countries. The paper presents a blueprint that explains why violations … Read more