Dunkin’ Faces Hot Coffee Injury Lawsuit in New Jersey as More Spills Stir Controversy

Madison, New Jersey – A Dunkin’ store in Morris County is facing a lawsuit after a customer claims he suffered serious injuries when the lid of a cup of coffee came off, causing the hot liquid to spill on him. According to court papers, Phillip Sgroi purchased the coffee on February 11, 2022, at the Dunkin’ location on Main Street. The lawsuit alleges that the lid was not properly secured and that the coffee was served at a dangerously high temperature. Sgroi filed the lawsuit on January 29 in the New Jersey Superior Court, stating … Read more

Dunkin’ Donuts Faces $5 Million Lawsuit for Discriminating Against Lactose Intolerant Customers

Los Angeles, California – Dunkin’ Donuts is facing a $5 million class-action federal lawsuit for allegedly discriminating against lactose intolerant customers. The lawsuit claims that the donut shop charges extra for nondairy alternatives such as oat or almond milk, which are often used as substitutes for regular milk in coffee or tea. The plaintiffs argue that this surcharge violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. According to the complaint filed in the Northern District of California, the extra charge for nondairy alternatives has real consequences for individuals with lactose intolerance and milk allergies. These individuals, who … Read more

Dunkin’ Worker Files Lawsuit Against Supervisor for Bipolar Discrimination and Workplace Violations

OCEAN COUNTY, N.J. – A worker at a Dunkin’ store in Ocean County has filed a lawsuit against his supervisor, alleging harassment and discrimination due to his bipolar disorder. The worker, in his 30s, claims that he was mocked by his direct supervisor, Lisa Fresco, after expressing concerns about workplace violations. The lawsuit, filed in Superior Court of Ocean County, states that Fresco made derogatory comments about his disorder, stating, “You must be going bipolar,” when he disagreed with her. According to court documents, the worker contacted human resources to complain about not receiving quarterly … Read more