Former Trump Fixer Michael Cohen Calls Out Trump’s Change of Heart on ‘Retribution’: Claims Seal Team Six Will Take Action

NEW YORK (AP) — Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen dismissed ex-President Donald Trump’s recent backtrack on his “retribution” talk, joking that Trump will have Seal Team Six take care of it instead. Cohen’s remark was in response to arguments made by Trump’s lawyer during an appeals court hearing that a president could order Seal Team Six to assassinate a political rival without facing prosecution unless impeached and convicted first.

During a recent Fox News town hall, Trump slightly walked back his promise of “retribution,” stating that although people like the idea, he won’t “have time” for it. This change of heart prompted CNN anchor John Berman to ask Cohen for his opinion on Trump’s statement. “I hope that he’s telling the truth. Unfortunately, I know that he’s not,” Cohen responded. He described Trump as a vindictive individual who seeks to hit back ten times harder when attacked.

Cohen further asserted that Trump would not carry out retribution himself, but rather rely on Seal Team Six to do it. He argued that if one wants to understand who Trump truly is, they need only listen to his statements, such as the ones made in front of an audience in Iowa. According to Cohen, Trump would spend his potential next four years in office seeking vindication, causing chaos and destruction to the country for his own benefit.

The statements by Cohen, who worked closely with Trump for an extended period, shed light on Trump’s character and intentions. It raises questions about the sincerity of Trump’s statement about not having time for retribution if he were reelected.

In summary, Michael Cohen, former Trump fixer, dismissed Trump’s backtrack on retribution and suggested that Trump would delegate such actions to Seal Team Six if given the opportunity. Cohen described Trump as vindictive and claimed that he would spend potential future years in office seeking to vindicate himself at the expense of the country. The remarks highlight Cohen’s knowledge of Trump’s character and cast doubt on the genuineness of Trump’s statement.