Property Owner Alleges Legal Malpractice After Devastating Woolsey Fire; Lawsuit Seeks Accountability from Wildfire Loss Firm

Agoura Hills, Calif. – A property owner in Agoura Hills, California, whose home was destroyed in the 2018 Woolsey Fire, has filed a legal malpractice lawsuit against wildfire loss firm Levin Law Group PLC. The homeowner, David Kleynberg, claims that the firm failed to file a suit on his behalf in the mass-tort case against a California utility. This negligence prevented him from joining the litigation against Edison International’s Southern California Edison utility.

Kleynberg states that his home and property were rendered uninhabitable for nearly a year, from November 8, 2018, to September 15, 2019, as a result of the Woolsey Fire. During this time, valuable items such as family photo albums, a decades-old aquarium, landscaping, and a pond were destroyed. According to Kleynberg, he was unable to participate in the mass-tort lawsuit because Levin Law Group did not take the necessary legal action.

The Woolsey Fire, which burned through Ventura and Los Angeles counties, was one of the most devastating fires in California’s history. It scorcheddoubled over 96,000 acres of land, destroyed approximately 1,600 structures, and caused three fatalities. Many residents, including Kleynberg, sought legal recourse against Southern California Edison, alleging that the utility’s equipment was responsible for igniting the fire.

Legal malpractice cases involveclaims against attorneys who fail to provide competent and professional legal representation. In this instance, Kleynberg argues that Levin Law Group’s failure to file a lawsuit on his behalf amounted to negligence. By not taking action, he believes the firm deprived him of the opportunity to seek compensation for his losses from the utility company.

Kleynberg’s lawsuit against Levin Law Group highlights the discontent and frustration experienced by some victims of the Woolsey Fire. As homeowners grapple with the devastating consequences of the fire, they also face the legal complexities of seeking redress. In this case, Kleynberg claims that the law firm he entrusted with his case failed to meet its obligations, depriving him of his chance to pursue justice.

The Woolsey Fire not only caused immense physical damage but also left emotional and financial scars on those affected. As the legal battle continues, the outcome of Kleynberg’s lawsuit could have implications for other victims seeking compensation from Southern California Edison. It could also serve as a reminder to homeowners to carefully choose their legal representation and ensure that their interests are properly advocated for.

In summary, an Agoura Hills property owner, whose home was destroyed in the devastating 2018 Woolsey Fire, is suing wildfire loss firm Levin Law Group PLC for legal malpractice. Due to the firm’s alleged failure to file a lawsuit on his behalf, the homeowner claims to have been unable to join the mass-tort litigation against Southern California Edison utility. This lawsuit serves as a representation of the challenges faced by fire victims in seeking legal recourse and highlights the importance of competent legal representation in such cases.