Minorities Remain Underrepresented in Georgia’s Judicial Appointments and Elections, Study Finds

Atlanta, GA – A recent study sheds light on the ongoing challenges faced by minority judicial candidates in Georgia, revealing a stark disparity in the success rates of these candidates compared to their white counterparts in attaining judgeships through appointments and elections in 2024. The analysis, focusing on midyear data, illustrates that minority candidates aspiring to become judges are significantly less likely than whites to be appointed by the governor or elected in state contests. Data indicates that, in the current year, minority judicial hopefuls were seven times less likely to receive a gubernatorial appointment … Read more

Maui Planning Commissioner Faces Court Summons Over Appointments Dispute

MAUI, Hawaii – Second Circuit Court Judge Kelsey Kawano has taken legal action against Danny Ray Blackburn, calling him to appear in court on April 17 to justify his position as a Maui County Planning Commissioner. In addition to the summons, Judge Kawano issued a temporary restraining order, preventing Blackburn from participating in the Maui Planning Commission meeting. These actions come after a dispute over Blackburn’s appointment by Mayor Richard Bissen. Blackburn, who works as the Hawaii division manager for F & H Construction, a company based in Lodi, California, has been responsible for overseeing … Read more

Record-Breaking Verdicts and Appointments: Landmark Class Actions Rock the Legal World this Week

San Diego, CA – A San Diego jury recently delivered a significant blow to the manufacturer of Roundup, awarding $332 million in the third verdict against the company this month. This follows an already notable month for juries in Philadelphia, where another Roundup trial resulted in a $175 million award, and a separate trial saw Mitsubishi hit with an astonishing $976 million penalty. In addition to these eye-opening financial outcomes, there are also new developments in litigation involving the sale of human bodies donated to Harvard Medical School. The jury’s decision in San Diego adds … Read more