Widow Awarded $1.75 Million in Landmark Asbestos Lawsuit Recorded Gavel-to-Gavel by Courtroom View Network

Spartanburg, SC – A South Carolina state court jury has awarded approximately $1.75 million to the widow of a maintenance worker who claimed that exposure to asbestos caused his fatal cancer. The trial, which began on March 18, was closely watched as it unfolded. The jury deliberated for a few hours after hearing closing arguments before reaching their verdict. The plaintiff’s attorney, Holly Peterson of Simon Greenstone Panatier PC, argued that the husband’s mesothelioma, a terminal form of cancer affecting the lungs, was primarily caused by exposure to asbestos in gaskets produced by industrial manufacturer … Read more

Widow Awarded $1.75 Million in Landmark Asbestos Lawsuit Against John Crane in South Carolina

SPARTANBURG, SC – A jury in South Carolina has awarded approximately $1.75 million to the widow of a maintenance worker who died from cancer caused by asbestos exposure. The trial, closely monitored by Courtroom View Network, found that the asbestos in gaskets produced by John Crane, an industrial manufacturing company, played a significant role in the worker’s death. However, the jury did not grant the punitive damages requested by the plaintiff’s attorney. The verdict was reached after closing arguments were heard in the trial that began on March 18. Attorney Holly Peterson, representing the plaintiff, … Read more

Law Firm of Peter Angelos, Notable for Asbestos and Tobacco Litigation, to Be Sold to Three Members of Practice

Baltimore, MD – Peter Angelos’ renowned law firm, known for its success in securing substantial awards and settlements on behalf of asbestos and tobacco victims, is set to be sold to three members of the practice. The sale was authorized by Baltimore County Circuit Judge Keith R. Truffer, concluding a legal dispute among Angelos’ family members. The family patriarch, now 94 years old, has been incapacitated by illness since 2018. Financial details of the sale were not disclosed in court documents filed on Wednesday. This development follows the Angelos family’s agreement to sell their most … Read more

Landmark Jury Verdict: $30M Awarded in Landmark Tire Plant Asbestos Lawsuit

Madison, WI – A jury in Madison, Wisconsin awarded $30 million in a lawsuit filed against a tire plant by a former employee. The lawsuit alleged that the employee developed serious health issues due to exposure to asbestos at the plant. The jury found that the tire plant had failed to adequately protect its workers from asbestos, a known carcinogen, despite being aware of the risks associated with it. The former employee, whose name has not been disclosed, worked at the plant for several years and was diagnosed with lung cancer linked to asbestos exposure. … Read more