Louisiana Embraces Constitutional Carry Law, Sparks Mixed Reactions Amid New Incentives for Training

Baton Rouge, LA – Louisiana has joined the ranks of states adopting constitutional carry laws, allowing individuals to carry concealed firearms without a permit. This new status, effective as of today, positions Louisiana as the 28th state in the nation to implement such legislation. Under the terms of the new law, residents can now carry concealed weapons without undergoing the formerly mandatory training sessions or obtaining a permit. While this measure enhances the freedom of gun owners, it also raises concerns about the potential for untrained individuals carrying firearms in public spaces. Christopher Woosley, a … Read more

Louisiana’s New Crime Laws: Longer Prison Sentences, Permitless Gun Carry, and Resumed Executions

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Governor Jeff Landry of Louisiana has signed a series of bills that will significantly impact the state’s criminal justice system. These bills include measures to lengthen prison sentences, allow citizens to carry guns without a permit, and introduce alternative execution methods such as the electric chair and nitrogen gas for lethal injections. The signing ceremony took place at the state capital building in Baton Rouge. Governor Landry, who previously served as Louisiana’s attorney general, emphasized that these new laws were a response to the concerns of victims of violent crimes. By … Read more

Kentucky Legislature Debates Gun-Centric Bills: From Mandatory Reporting to Concealed Carry on College Campuses

Louisville, Kentucky – A set of gun-related bills has been introduced in the Kentucky legislature during the early weeks of the 2024 session. These bills address various aspects of gun access and ownership, with some lawmakers seeking to enforce stricter penalties for gun-related crimes, while others aim to expand hunting rights or concealed carry privileges. Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg recently reached out to state legislators for assistance in reducing the city’s gun violence. As the debate unfolds, let’s take a closer look at the proposed bills that could potentially shape Kentucky’s gun laws. One of … Read more

California Concealed Carry Ban Blocked by Appeals Court, Governor Newsom Vows to Appeal

Sacramento, California — A law in California that would have prohibited residents from carrying guns in most public spaces has once again been blocked from taking effect. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the decision to temporarily allow the law in 2024. This comes after Governor Gavin Newsom signed the law, known as SB2, in September. SB2 aimed to ban Californians, including those with concealed carry weapons permits, from carrying firearms in 26 types of public places. The law also introduced new requirements for individuals seeking to obtain a concealed carry weapons permit, … Read more