Trump’s Co-Defendant Lawyer Reveals Ambitious Goal: Running for Office While Facing Trial

NEW YORK – In a recent court filing, a lawyer for one of Donald Trump’s co-defendants expressed a belief that the ultimate goal of the prosecution is to prevent Trump from running for office and force him to sit through a trial. The lawyer’s statement came as part of the ongoing investigation into the Trump Organization’s business practices. The statement was made by an attorney representing Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s longtime chief financial officer, who is currently facing charges of tax fraud. The lawyer argued that the prosecution’s actions are politically motivated, with the … Read more

Controversial Claims Surface on Timing of Relationship in Trump Co-Defendant Case

ATLANTA — In the ongoing criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s business dealings, a co-defendant has raised questions about the timing of the relationship between Georgia prosecutors and their informant. The informant, Allen Weisselberg, is the long-time chief financial officer of the Trump Organization. He is currently facing charges alongside the organization, accused of tax fraud and other financial crimes. The co-defendant, who remains unidentified, has suggested that Georgia prosecutors may have misled the court about when they first began working with Weisselberg. The defense argues that this timing could be crucial to the … Read more

Legal Fallout: Trump’s Co-Defendant Shuffles Attorneys as Leaker of Jenna Ellis Video Gets Boot, Report Reveals

DETROIT – A lawyer representing a co-defendant of former President Donald Trump has dropped another attorney from the legal team after he leaked a video of lawyer Jenna Ellis discussing their defense strategy. The incident has created further turmoil in the legal proceedings surrounding the case. The leaked video, which was obtained by Raw Story, allegedly shows Ellis discussing confidential matters related to the defense of Jessica Watkins, who is a defendant in the Capitol riot case. Watkins is associated with the Oath Keepers, a far-right extremist group. The video leak has raised concerns about … Read more