Jury Awards Former Coronado High School Student $5 Million in Verdict Over Sexual Relationship with Basketball Coach

Coronado, California – A former high school student has been awarded $5 million by a jury, nearly four years after her basketball coach admitted to engaging in a sexual relationship with her when she was just seventeen years old. The jury found that the Coronado Unified School District shares more responsibility than the coach himself for the harm caused to the victim. In addition, the school district was found negligent in its hiring and supervision of the assistant coach. This verdict sends a strong message to schools across the nation about the importance of prioritizing … Read more

Jury Holds School District Liable for $5 Million in Damages in Case of Assistant Girls Basketball Coach’s Sexual Relationship with Student

San Diego, California – A San Diego jury has ruled that the Coronado Unified School District was negligent in the employment of an assistant girls basketball coach who engaged in a sexual relationship with one of his players. The former student, who was a 17-year-old senior at the time, was awarded $5 million in damages. The trial, which concluded last week, focused on Jordan Tyler Bucklew, who pleaded guilty to a felony count of unlawful sex with a minor in 2020. The victim filed a lawsuit in 2021, alleging negligence by the school district and … Read more

The Paradoxical Relationship: Southern Republicans’ Love-Hate Affair with Federal Power and Civil Rights

Montgomery, Alabama – The reasons behind the strong conservative Republican sentiment in the South, with its condemnation of the federal government, advocacy for states’ rights, and criticism of an activist Supreme Court, are multifaceted. To delve into this, we can shed light on the pivotal milestones of the Civil Rights movement that overturned segregation and expanded voting rights for Black people in the United States. Notably, many of these milestones were driven by federal intervention. President Truman’s Executive Order 9981 in 1948 serves as a crucial example. This directive mandated the integration of the armed … Read more

Lawyer Exposes Romantic Relationship Between Georgia DA and Special Prosecutor, Citing Conflict of Interest in Trump Election Interference Case

Atlanta, Georgia – Ashleigh Merchant, the lawyer representing Michael Roman, a co-defendant of Donald Trump, appeared before a specially appointed Georgia state Senate committee on Wednesday to present her investigation into Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ romantic relationship with a special prosecutor, Nathan Wade. Merchant argued that this relationship constitutes a conflict of interest and called for Willis to be removed from the election interference case against Trump. Merchant’s appearance before the legislative committee followed a lengthy court hearing that featured testimonies from both Willis and Wade. Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee is expected … Read more