The Hidden Impact of Mass Tort Lawsuit Advertisements: Why Ignoring them Could Cost You

MIAMI, FL – Mass tort lawsuit advertisements may be alarming or annoying to some, but according to legal expert Rustin Silverstein, they should not be ignored, especially by those in the insurance industry. Silverstein, president and founder of X Ante, a legal services company, warns of the risks associated with neglecting these ads. The surge in attorney advertising encouraging consumers to pursue mass tort lawsuits was recently explored in a webinar hosted by the Travelers Institute, the public policy and education arm of Travelers Insurance. During the webinar, Silverstein revealed that a staggering $1.2 billion … Read more

E. Jean Carroll’s Reputation Damage from Trump’s Defamatory Statements Could Cost up to $12.1 Million, Professor Tells Jury

New York City, NY – A federal jury in New York heard testimony on Thursday estimating that it could cost up to $12.1 million to repair the damage caused to writer E. Jean Carroll’s reputation by two defamatory statements made by former President Donald Trump in 2019. Northwestern University professor Ashlee Humphreys provided the analysis, which aimed to assess the number of people who saw and believed Trump’s statements denying the sexual assault allegations made by Carroll. The judge overseeing Carroll’s defamation suit against Trump has already ruled that the statements were defamatory, leaving the … Read more