Chicago Alderman Convicted of Racketeering and Bribery Escapes Discipline Due to Powerful Connections

Chicago, IL – Former attorney and Alderman Ed Burke, who was convicted of racketeering, bribery, and attempted extortion, is avoiding suspension despite his charges. The Illinois Supreme Court has yet to act on a petition for an interim suspension, as a majority of the court’s justices have recused themselves from the case. This has brought attention to the influence and power that the Burke family has had in the Illinois judiciary. Burke’s crimes involved a city hall shakedown scheme to benefit his law firm, Klafter & Burke. He allegedly blocked permits for companies that did … Read more

Controversial Auto Company A1’s Xclusive Auto Escapes Suspension After Judge’s Decision Sparks Outrage Among Truck Drivers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A1’s Xclusive Auto, a towing company in Memphis, has recently been at the center of controversy. Despite facing previous controversies, the company’s 30-day suspension was overturned by a judge, allowing them to resume operations. This decision has stirred discontent among truck drivers, with one California man vowing never to return to Memphis after his experience with the company. Sevak Zadori, a truck driver, found himself in an 18-hour standoff with A1’s Xclusive Auto and captured the incident on video. Zadori recounted how he was waiting in his 18-wheeler for an appointment when … Read more

Former NFL Player Escapes Indictment on 2023 Kidnapping Charge: Mississippi Grand Jury’s Surprising Decision

Ridgeland, Mississippi – Former NFL player Jerrell Powe will not face trial after a Mississippi grand jury decided not to indict him on a kidnapping charge. Powe, who was arrested in 2023, received notification from the Madison County district attorney’s office stating that the grand jury declined to issue an indictment. Details of the grand jury proceedings were not disclosed. The arrest took place in the Jackson suburb of Ridgeland when Powe and another individual were apprehended at a bank. The arrest came after a man claimed he had been abducted against his will in … Read more

Harvard Escapes Accountability as Lawsuits Dismissed in Shocking Morgue Scandal

BOSTON (AP) — Lawsuits filed by families against Harvard University over the theft and sale of loved ones’ remains have been dismissed by a judge, leaving the families seeking justice in their fight against the prestigious institution. The families alleged that their deceased relatives’ body parts were stolen from Harvard Medical School’s morgue and sold on the black market. One of the victims, Paula Peltonovich, expressed her distress, saying, “To know somebody bought something of my father’s, or multiple things of my father’s, I want that back.” The case revolved around the question of whether … Read more