Morristown Settles $5.5 Million Lawsuit Over Mayor’s Alleged Improper Influence in Real Estate Deal

MORRISTOWN, New Jersey – A developer and the town of Morristown have reached a settlement of $5.5 million, putting an end to a lawsuit that accused the mayor of improper influence in a real estate deal. The lawsuit, filed by the Silverman Group, alleged that Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty interfered in a deal between the developer and the Deloitte accounting firm. The Silverman Group’s attorney, Joseph Fiorenzo, expressed hope that this case would serve as a message to public officials everywhere that such interference is unacceptable and carries real consequences. In response, Mayor Dougherty stated … Read more

Texas Principals Face Criminal Charges for Using School Emails to Influence Elections

Denton, Texas – Two principals in the Denton Independent School District are facing criminal charges after allegedly violating state election laws. Lindsey Lujan, principal of Alexander Elementary School, and Jesus Lujan, principal of Borman Elementary, have been accused of using their school email accounts to urge staff to vote for candidates who oppose school choice. According to court documents, the two administrators sent emails in February encouraging staff to support candidates in the March Republican primary election who oppose Governor Greg Abbott’s school voucher plan. The emails were leaked and prompted Texas Republican Attorney General … Read more

US Senators Threaten SEC Scrutiny and Ongoing Investigation Could Influence XRP Price Trends

Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis was one of five US Senators who expressed their concerns to SEC Chair Gary Gensler regarding the agency’s practices. In a letter co-signed by the Senators, they warned the SEC of potential scrutiny from lawmakers. This action was taken in response to the SEC filing a Motion to Dismiss charges against Debt Box. The SEC’s decision to file the Motion to Dismiss came after the court urged the agency to justify why it should not face sanctions for providing false and misleading information. The scrutiny of the SEC’s activities has extended … Read more

Unveiling the Hidden Influence: How Party Affiliation Shapes Judicial Outcomes, Reveals Washington Post Columnist

Washington, D.C. – A recent column in The Washington Post has sparked a discussion surrounding the inclusion of a judge’s appointing president in legal media. Ruth Marcus, the author of the column, defended the practice as a standard convention in the industry. She received an email from an unnamed federal appeals court judge, nominated by President Ronald Reagan, expressing their disagreement with this approach. This exchange has led to a broader conversation about the relevance of party affiliation when reporting on judicial decisions. Marcus addressed the judge’s contentions by citing research conducted by Harvard Law … Read more