Virginia Judge Orders ‘Disposal’ of Animals Seized from Natural Bridge Zoo, Citing Cruelty and Inadequate Care

LEXINGTON, Virginia — A significant ruling was made by a judge in Virginia on Friday regarding the fate of animals seized from the Natural Bridge Zoo. Out of the 96 animals confiscated last month following an investigation by the state attorney general, 57 will not be returned to the zoo. The judge determined that these animals were subjected to cruelty or inadequate care, leading to their disposals. The remaining 39 animals will be returned to the zoo due to insufficient evidence supporting their seizure. The decision was the result of a case heard in the … Read more

Inadequate Laws Leave Tri-State Schools Vulnerable to Sex Offenders: Investigation Reveals Disturbing Findings

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Sex offenders living near schools in the Tri-State area are receiving protection under current laws, leaving law enforcement with limited options to address the issue. Local 12, after receiving an email from a concerned viewer, looked into this matter. One example is Daniel, a registered sex offender who lives just a couple hundred feet from Holmes Middle and High School in Covington. His offense, which involved raping a 14-year-old girl, occurred before the 2006 law that prohibits sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school. While Daniel claims the act … Read more

Former Justice of the Peace Convicted of Triple Murder Seeks New Death Penalty Trial, Citing Biased Judge and Inadequate Preparation

TERRELL, Texas — Eric Williams, a former justice of the peace who committed a triple murder over a decade ago, is seeking a new death penalty trial, according to a court document. Williams alleges that his defense attorneys did not have sufficient time to prepare for trial or review the overwhelming evidence. He also claims that the judge was biased and that moving the case to Rockwall County did not provide him with a fair trial. In January 2013, Williams donned a tactical vest and black mask as he gunned down prosecutor Mark Hasse a … Read more