Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Drug Companies Face Lawsuit for Inflating Insulin Prices, Targeting Vulnerable Patients in Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana – The Attorney General of Indiana, Todd Rokita, has filed a lawsuit alleging that pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and drug companies have colluded to maintain high insulin prices. Rokita claims that these companies are exploiting vulnerable individuals in need of this vital medication. The lawsuit does not specifically name the drug company Eli Lilly, even though it settled a class-action lawsuit last year over allegations of insulin price fixing for over $13 million. Among the companies named in the lawsuit are Caremark PCS and CVS Healthcorp, both associated with CVS, one of the … Read more

Midland County Residents Embrace Opportunity to Seek Justice Against Insulin Price Increase

MIDLAND, Michigan — Midland County in Michigan has been given the opportunity to participate in a lawsuit aimed at combatting the skyrocketing prices of insulin. The county has been extended an invitation to join the legal action against pharmaceutical companies that allegedly engaged in price-fixing tactics for the life-saving drug. Insulin, a hormone used by individuals with diabetes to regulate their blood sugar levels, has seen a consistent increase in price over the years, making it unaffordable for many patients. As a result, some individuals have had to ration their insulin or forego proper treatment … Read more

Bradley County Commissioners Deliberate Insulin Litigation Options

Cleveland, Tennessee – Bradley County commissioners are taking their time to thoroughly research and consider their options before making a decision about insulin litigation. The commissioners recently held a meeting with County Attorney Crystal Freiberg to discuss the fairness of the proposed litigation and its potential impact on the county. Attorney James Logan of Logan-Thompson, PC, would represent the county in the litigation, which aims to recover losses incurred by county residents due to alleged price fixing, kickbacks, and antitrust violations by pharmacy benefit managers and other entities. The county would join a multi-county class … Read more

Minnesota Attorney General Set to Unveil Progress in Battle Against Insulin Manufacturers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is set to make a significant announcement in the state’s ongoing battle against three major insulin manufacturers. The state, along with several others, filed a lawsuit in 2018 accusing the pharmaceutical companies of overcharging for insulin. Joining Ellison for the announcement will be Nicole Smith-Holt, whose son died in 2017 after being forced to ration his insulin due to the high cost. In response to her son’s tragic death, Minnesota passed the Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act in 2020. This legislation limits the co-pay for a one-month … Read more