Santa Clara Co. Firefighters Join the Fight: Advocating for the Return of Net Neutrality Laws

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, California – In a bid to restore net neutrality laws, Santa Clara County Fire Department has thrown its support behind the movement. The department’s decision comes as part of the ongoing battle to preserve an open and equal internet for all. The Santa Clara County Fire Department, located in California, believes that net neutrality is crucial for the public’s access to emergency services. Net neutrality regulations aim to prevent internet service providers from blocking or slowing down certain websites or charging extra fees for faster access. These regulations, set in place during … Read more

Trump and His Business Accused of Falsely Inflating Net Worth by Billions in Fraud Trial

New York, NY – Former President Donald Trump and his business are facing allegations of using deceptive tactics to inflate his net worth. According to court filings from the New York attorney general’s office, Trump and several top executives, including his adult sons, engaged in “myriad deceptive schemes” to artificially inflate the value of the Trump Organization’s assets. The focal point of the attorney general’s case is Trump’s statements of financial condition, which provide details on the value of the organization’s assets. These documents were submitted to banks and insurers in order to secure loans … Read more