Judge Releases Accused Drug Dealer on Supervised Freedom, Ignoring $150K Bail Request

NEW YORK — In what has become a controversial decision, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Valentina Morales has recently allowed for supervised release of an accused drug dealer apprehended within her dental workplace. Madelyn Javier, 31, was caught in possession of a shipment containing illegal substances at Esthetix Dental Spa in Washington Heights, raising questions about the judge’s lenient approach in light of a significant bail request. Prosecutors had vigorously pushed for a substantial bail amount following Javier’s arrest. New York City Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan advocated for a bail of $100,000 cash or a … Read more

Judge Frees Gun and Drug Suspect Despite Past Controversial Releases

Bronx, New York – A Venezuelan migrant who was found squatting in a Bronx home along with seven others was released by a judge who had previously freed two men involved in an assault on a police officer, according to records. The judge, Eugene Bowen, freed Hector Desousa-Villalta despite prosecutors requesting bail in the case. Desousa-Villalta was arrested after allegedly flashing a gun at another man outside the home. In November, Bowen had also released two men who were caught on video beating a police officer inside a subway station in the Bronx. The decision … Read more

Judge Releases Violent Homeless Man Who Attacked Woman in Union Square, Despite Prior Convictions: Exclusive

New York City, New York – A Manhattan judge known for her leniency has once again released a suspect without bail, this time a vagrant who randomly attacked a woman in Union Square. The judge’s decision has sparked outrage and raised concerns about public safety. The victim, Jill Burke, was walking to work on January 31 when she was suddenly struck in the face with a heavy object by the alleged attacker, Eric Taylor. Burke suffered a black eye and a cut above her eyebrow. Despite Taylor’s prior criminal record and the severity of the … Read more

Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy Case: Supreme Court to Decide on Nondebtor Releases, Shaping Future of Chapter 11 Practice

Indianapolis, Indiana: The US Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in December in a case involving Purdue Pharma, the pharmaceutical company accused of contributing to the opioid epidemic. The central issue at stake is whether the Bankruptcy Code permits a Chapter 11 plan to provide releases to nondebtor third parties without their consent. This case has garnered significant attention from the public and bankruptcy professionals alike, as it has the potential to bring about significant changes in Chapter 11 bankruptcy practice. Purdue Pharma and its affiliates filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Bankruptcy … Read more