Judge’s Ruling: HSHS Hospitals Face Closure Despite Pleas for Injunction

Wausau, Wisconsin – A judge has denied an injunction that would have maintained the operation of HSHS hospitals in the region. The decision means that the hospitals are set to close soon, which has sparked concerns among local residents about the impact on healthcare access. The ruling came after a legal battle involving several parties, including the city of Eau Claire and the hospitals’ owner, Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS). In a statement, HSHS expressed disappointment with the outcome and vowed to work with local communities to ensure a smooth transition for patients and employees. … Read more

Neglected Pleas for Help: Michigan Teen’s Journal Reveals Disturbing School Shooting Plan

PONTIAC, Mich. – In a shocking revelation during the trial of Jennifer Crumbley, evidence was presented that her teenage son had detailed a plan to carry out a shooting at his Michigan school in a personal journal. The journal entries depicted a troubled young man whose pleas for help went unheard by his parents. The grim account was read by an investigator just moments before the jury watched a partial video of the shooting that resulted in the tragic deaths of four students at Oxford High School in 2021. As the audio was turned off, … Read more