Connecticut Health Giant Faces New Antitrust Suit Over Alleged Price-Fixing, Blocking Affordable Care Options

HARTFORD, Conn. — A new wave of scrutiny surrounds Hartford Healthcare (HHC), spotlighting not only its health services but also its significant influence on Connecticut’s healthcare industry. The conglomerate, criticized for allegedly inflating healthcare costs across the state, now faces a third antitrust lawsuit. This latest legal battle aligns with prior court action from consumers and competing health systems, painting a complex picture of a healthcare giant purportedly leveraging its size to hinder competition and elevate prices. The lawsuit asserts that HHC monopolizes the healthcare market in several Connecticut regions, such as Meriden and Norwich, … Read more

Four Prestigious Universities Settle Price-Fixing Lawsuit, Agreeing to Pay $166 Million

Chicago, Illinois – Four prestigious universities have reached a settlement in a federal class-action lawsuit accusing them of colluding to manipulate the amount of financial aid offered to students. Dartmouth College, Rice University, Northwestern University, and Vanderbilt Universities will collectively pay $166 million to resolve the claims against them, according to a court filing on Friday. As part of the settlement, Dartmouth and Rice will each pay $33.75 million, while Vanderbilt will pay $55 million and Northwestern has offered $43.5 million. This brings the total settlement reached so far to $284 million, which will be … Read more

Landmark Verdict: Corporations Granted $17.7 Million in Groundbreaking Egg Price-Fixing Lawsuit

MADISON, Wis. – A jury in Madison, Wisconsin, has awarded a combined total of $17.7 million to corporations in a price-fixing lawsuit related to the egg industry. The verdict came after a trial that lasted for over a week. The lawsuit accused companies involved in the egg industry of conspiring to manipulate prices and reduce egg supplies. Specifically, it alleged that major egg producers colluded to limit production and drive up prices, leading to financial losses for businesses that purchased eggs from them. During the trial, evidence was presented showing internal emails and documents that … Read more

Egg-cellent Victory: US Jury Agrees to $17.7 Million Settlement for Kraft and Other Producers in Egg Price-Fixing Case

WICHITA, Kan. – The United States jury has awarded a total of $17.7 million to Kraft and other egg producers after finding that they were victims of price-fixing. The case, which involved several major egg producers, concluded on Monday with the jury ruling in favor of the plaintiffs. The lawsuit alleged that the defendant, Michael Foods, along with other egg producers, engaged in a conspiracy to artificially inflate egg prices. Kraft and other companies accused the defendants of coordinating their efforts to limit the supply of eggs and drive up prices. The plaintiffs argued that … Read more