Shocking Betrayal: Brooklyn Lawyer Indicted for Stealing $3.8 Million from Clients, Funding Lavish Lifestyle

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – A Brooklyn lawyer has been arraigned and indicted for allegedly embezzling approximately $3.8 million from four clients, according to Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. Salvatore Strazzulo, the defendant, had represented the clients in legal matters concerning the sale of their properties in various Brooklyn neighborhoods, including Bensonhurst, Kensington, Dyker Heights, and Borough Park. The charges against Strazzulo assert that he used the stolen funds to finance an extravagant lifestyle, including extravagant restaurant meals totaling $50,000. The allegations surrounding this case point to a significant betrayal of trust, as the defendant exploited his … Read more

Florida Attorney Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for $10M Tax Fraud Scheme, Funding a Lavish Lifestyle

DAVIE, Florida – A Florida attorney has been sentenced to eight years in prison for his involvement in a $10 million tax evasion conspiracy. Michael L. Meyer, based in Davie, pleaded guilty to the charges earlier this year. The case revolved around a fraudulent tax shelter scheme that aimed to assist high-income clients in minimizing their tax liabilities through the use of fabricated charitable deductions. According to the Department of Justice, Meyer personally profited over $10 million from the illegal scheme. With this newfound wealth, he indulged in an extravagant lifestyle, acquiring luxury vehicles such … Read more

Unveiling the Hidden Threat: Foreign Funding Undermines American Intellectual Property

BEIJING, CHINA – The increasing presence of foreign funding in mass tort litigations in the United States raises concerns about national security risks and the protection of American intellectual property. The urgent need for clear disclosure requirements to safeguard sensitive information and prevent undue influence in legal proceedings has become apparent. Mass tort lawyer Seth Webb has witnessed the impact of foreign entities funding lawsuits first-hand, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability in the face of mounting risks. Webb, who initially worked as a car accident lawyer, transitioned into mass torts and grew his … Read more

Higher Court to Decide Fate of Controversial Chicago Ballot Referendum on Funding for the Unhoused

Chicago, IL – The legal battle over a ballot referendum aimed at providing funding for the unhoused population is escalating as the case moves to a higher court. Last Friday, a circuit court judge declared the question unconstitutional, but the city is now seeking to overturn that ruling. The dispute centers around the Bring Chicago Home referendum, which has faced opposition from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA). BOMA filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Board of Elections to remove the referendum from the ballot. The three-part referendum asks voters to consider increasing the … Read more