Former Public Defender Seeking Probation in Ethics Case After Arguing for the Benefits of Cocaine

ERIE, Pennsylvania – A former assistant public defender in Erie, Pennsylvania, who previously argued that cocaine can have cognitive benefits, is now seeking disciplinary probation in an ethics case. Nathaniel Edmond Strasser, the lawyer in question, had initially represented himself during the proceedings and suggested that low doses of cocaine can positively impact cognitive abilities. However, Strasser has since admitted that his self-representation was inappropriate and deficient. He is now being represented by attorney Philip Friedman. In a recent brief filed with the disciplinary board of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Friedman acknowledged that Strasser is … Read more

Shocking Video Reveals Repeat Probation for Man Who Assaulted Las Vegas Judge, Including One by the Same Judge

Las Vegas, Nevada – A man who was captured on video attacking a judge in Las Vegas has been granted probation multiple times, including once by the same judge. The incident, which has sparked outrage and raised questions about the effectiveness of the criminal justice system, occurred in a courtroom and was caught on camera. The video shows the defendant, whose identity has not been disclosed, physically assaulting the judge after a hearing. The judge, visibly shaken and injured, was quickly assisted by court personnel. This shocking incident has reignited discussions about courtroom security and … Read more