Lahore High Court Rules in Favor of Jury Selection Based on Racial Considerations in Trial Involving British Soldier

Lahore, Pakistan — A significant ruling regarding the composition of juries in racially sensitive legal cases has been handed down by the Lahore High Court. The decision emerged from an appeals case involving a British soldier accused of grievously injuring an Indian citizen. The judgment, delivered by a full bench comprising Justices Broadway, Fforde, and Campbell, has underscored the allowable claims for juries in cases that involve inherent racial considerations. The legal proceedings began when an attorney, Mr. D’Connor of the Bar-at-law, filed an application last Monday on behalf of the accused soldier. The individual … Read more

Tennessee School District Faces Federal Action Over Racial Harassment Claims

Church Hill, TN — Hawkins County Schools has faced severe scrutiny following a federal investigation which determined the system failed to appropriately respond to racial harassment within its schools. This places the district among a minority of U.S. school systems that have faced similar federal interventions. The inquiry and subsequent actions were triggered by complaints regarding consistent racial discrimination, including a disturbing episode involving a young eighth-grader named Keelin Releford. Civil rights attorney, Larry Crain, who notably represented Releford’s family, illustrated the gravity of the situation as he detailed recurrent racial incidents that spanned over … Read more

Federal Judge Allows Lawsuit Against Department of Veterans Affairs for Racial Discrimination in Benefits to Proceed

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal district court judge has ruled that a lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) alleging racial discrimination in disability benefits can proceed. The suit claims that the VA systematically rejected applications for benefits from Black veterans at a higher rate than their white counterparts, a practice that has allegedly persisted since World War II. The case was brought by Vietnam veteran Conley Monk Jr. of Connecticut on behalf of himself and his late father, a World War II veteran. The lawsuit asserts that the VA engaged in “systematic benefits … Read more

Gym Member Files Lawsuit Against 24 Hour Fitness, Revealing Racial Profiling and Discrimination

Gresham, Oregon – A Black member of the 24 Hour Fitness gym in Gresham has filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging repeated racial profiling and discrimination by a staff member. The lawsuit, filed on March 4 in Multnomah County Circuit Court, accuses Gratian Russell, a staff member at the gym, of racially profiling Rishon Hall and ejecting him from the premises on multiple occasions. The lawsuit also includes evidence from Russell’s public Facebook page, which the plaintiff’s attorney describes as racially insensitive. According to the lawsuit, the first incident occurred on February 13 when … Read more