California Appellate Court Orders Rehearing for Black Man Alleging Racial Bias in 2022 Traffic Stop

SAN DIEGO — A Black man in California is getting another opportunity to prove that his traffic stop and subsequent arrest by San Diego police in 2022 was influenced by unconscious racial bias. The state appellate court is testing California’s Racial Justice Act and has ordered a rehearing of the case, considering the idea of implicit bias. The court found that the initial judge failed to address significant evidence suggesting that the traffic stop may have been a result of unintended racial bias. The ruling, which was published last week, stems from one of the … Read more

Exploring the Legacy of Jim Crow Laws: Teaching Kids about Racial Segregation in America

New York City, New York – Teaching children about the Jim Crow laws era can be a challenging and emotionally charged task. However, it is essential to provide them with a basic understanding of this dark period in American history to prevent the repetition of past mistakes. In this article, we will explore the facts surrounding Jim Crow laws, the purpose behind them, their lasting legacy, and valuable teaching resources. Jim Crow laws were a set of statutes implemented by states and local areas in the United States to legalize racial segregation. These laws deprived … Read more

Louisiana Faces New Lawsuit Over Alleged Racial Gerrymandering in Congressional Redistricting

BATON ROUGE, La. – In response to civil rights activists and a federal judge’s order, state lawmakers successfully redrew Louisiana’s congressional map to include a second black-majority district. The aim was to more accurately represent the state’s black population. However, a new lawsuit has now emerged, challenging the legitimacy of the redistricting process. The plaintiffs claim that lawmakers deliberately manipulated the boundaries to consolidate African American voters into two districts, thereby compromising their voting strength. According to those suing Secretary of State Nancy Landry, this action constitutes racial gerrymandering and a violation of the U.S. … Read more

San Diego County Judge Denies Racism Accusations Amid Calls for Recusal from Racial Justice Cases

San Diego, CA – Public defenders in San Diego County anxiously awaited Judge Howard Shore’s response to their motions to recuse him on Monday. The motions accused the Superior Court judge of making racist remarks during court proceedings, issuing biased rulings, and making racist comments during a meeting with public defenders. The public defender’s office is calling on Shore to step down from special racial justice hearings and remove himself from all cases involving public defenders. In written responses to each public defender, Shore denied the accusations of racism, prejudice, and bias and rejected the … Read more