Santa Cruz Faces Scrutiny Over Affordable Housing Mismanagement Amid Surging Prices

Santa Cruz, CA – A recent investigation has triggered concerns about Santa Cruz’s handling of its affordable housing resources, particularly questioning whether the city is ensuring that inclusionary housing units are occupied by those they were intended to serve – local residents. This scrutiny comes at a time when Santa ragaz, California. In response to a surge in its general housing market, Santa Cruz has mandated private developers to allocate 20% of units in new projects as affordable housing. However, a report by the Santa Cruz County Civil Grand Jury reveals a significant oversight: there’s … Read more

Santa Clara Co. Firefighters Join the Fight: Advocating for the Return of Net Neutrality Laws

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, California – In a bid to restore net neutrality laws, Santa Clara County Fire Department has thrown its support behind the movement. The department’s decision comes as part of the ongoing battle to preserve an open and equal internet for all. The Santa Clara County Fire Department, located in California, believes that net neutrality is crucial for the public’s access to emergency services. Net neutrality regulations aim to prevent internet service providers from blocking or slowing down certain websites or charging extra fees for faster access. These regulations, set in place during … Read more

Santa Fe Police K9 Faces Separate Investigation after Biting Officer

SANTA FE, N.M. – The New Mexico State Police has revealed that the officer who was shot earlier this month by the Santa Fe Police Department also suffered a bite from his own department’s K9. This K9, named Ayke, has also been involved in a lawsuit against the department for a previous incident in 2022. Ayke joined the Santa Fe Police Department in 2020 and is currently under investigation by the internal affairs department. Deputy Chief Ben Valdez stated that the department is looking into why the dog acted the way it did in this … Read more

Former Gang Member Convicted of Gang-Related First-Degree Murder in Santa Cruz County

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – A former Watsonville man was found guilty of gang-related first-degree murder by a Santa Cruz County jury this week after an extensive trial and nearly three days of deliberation. The 29-year-old, Jason Cortez, was convicted for killing his Santa Cruz County Jail cellmate, German Carrillo, on October 13, 2022. Cortez’s conviction follows the separate trial and guilty verdict of another cellmate, Mario Lozano, who was sentenced to multiple life sentences for Carrillo’s murder, as well as an unrelated 2004 slaying in Watsonville. During the trial, Cortez took the stand in his … Read more