Young Thug’s Legal Team Seeks Judge’s Disqualification, Alleging Bias and Secret Meetings Undermine Fair Trial

Atlanta, GA — Attorneys representing rapper Young Thug, legally named Jeffery Williams, have initiated a legal battle to disqualify the presiding judge in his racketeering and conspiracy trial. The lawyers claim a transgression in legal conduct following a clandestine meeting that allegedly included only the judge and prosecution team, compromising the fairness of the trial. The motion filed by Young Thug’s defense, led by attorneys Brian Steel and Keith Adams, argues that Fulton County Superior Court Judge Ural Glanville crossed ethical boundaries by conducting a private meeting with key prosecution witness Kenneth “Woody” Copeland and … Read more

NFL Seeks to Overturn Historic $4.7 Billion Verdict in Sunday Ticket Class-Action Suit, Citing Errors and Juror Bias

LOS ANANGELES — The National Football League is moving to strike down a colossal $4.7 billion payout awarded in a class-action lawsuit, which claims the organization historically overcharged subscribers for out-of-market game broadcasts, a verdict the NFL deems as one of the most indefensible in American legal history. In their recent legal filings, the league’s attorneys described the damages as “nonsensical,” contending that the judgment fundamentally misunderstood the pricing structure of Sunday Ticket packages. The controversy stems from a discrepancy between the Sunday Ticket’s listed prices in 2018 and 2019 — $294 — versus the … Read more

NFL Seeks to Overturn $4.7 Billion Jury Verdict in Sunday Ticket Class Action, Citing Juror Bias and Legal Missteps

The NFL, reeling from a significant legal defeat in a class action lawsuit regarding its Sunday Ticket service, is not backing down and is aiming for a reversal of the $4.7 billion jury verdict. Last month, a jury decided against the league in a case that could redefine sports broadcasting economics. The league’s response was swift; shortly after the verdict, they filed for a judgment as a matter of law or, alternatively, a new trial. In its legal motions, the NFL argued that the damages awarded were excessive and irrational. The league contended that the … Read more

Northwestern University Faces Lawsuit Accusing Law School of Hiring Bias Favoring Diversity Over Qualifications

CHICAGO — Amid ongoing national debates over affirmative action, Northwestern University’s distinguished law school is now facing a lawsuit that accuses it of violating federal anti-discrimination laws by allegedly favoring less qualified women and racial minorities over white male candidates in faculty hiring. Filed Tuesday in federal district court in Illinois, the lawsuit highlights contentious issues regarding diversity policies in academia. The legal challenge was initiated by a coalition named Faculty, Alumni and Students Opposed to Racial Preferences, a group advocating against what they see as discriminatory hiring practices that prioritize diversity over merit. This … Read more