Los Angeles Struggles to Halt Rise in Street Racing Despite Increased Legislation

Los Angeles, Calif. — The fight against street racing and related incidents in Los Angeles remains a significant challenge, despite ongoing legislative efforts and increased police oversight. This persistent issue is highlighted in a new analysis by Crosstown LA, which scrutinizes the impact of current laws targeting these dangerous activities. According to a report presented to the Los Angeles Police Commission last month, street racing and spontaneous car meets, often referred to as “takeovers,” have escalated rather than decreased. From the beginning of the year to late May, officials recorded a 49% increase in street … Read more

Decade-Long Battle: Michigan Dragway Faces Another Lawsuit, Challenging Validity of Permit and Racing Activity

Onondaga Township, Michigan – For over a decade, the future of a ⅛-mile dragway in Onondaga Township has remained uncertain, as it has been entangled in a series of legal battles. The dragway, now known as Sloan’s Onondaga Dragway, initially opened its doors in the 1970s before closing down. However, in 2013, it reopened and soon found itself facing a lawsuit from local residents who claimed that the noise from the dragway negatively impacted their property values. The legal dispute has been marked by twists and turns, with the case bouncing back and forth between … Read more

Revamped Laws in Washington Crack Down on Street Racing: Ensuring Safer Roads for All

Washington state has enacted new laws to crack down on street racing, in response to a rise in dangerous and illegal activities. The legislation, signed by Governor Jay Inslee, aims to address the growing concerns over public safety and the need for stronger enforcement measures. Under the new laws, street racing and reckless driving now constitute felony offenses in certain circumstances, carrying heavier penalties. The legislation also allows law enforcement to impound vehicles involved in street racing incidents for up to 60 days. In addition, the legislation enhances penalties for spectators at these events, with … Read more