Bayer’s Monsanto Unit Receives $1 Billion Reduction in Roundup Cancer Verdict, Providing Relief Amidst Legal Battles

JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri – A judge in Missouri has reduced a $1.5 billion jury verdict against Bayer AG’s Monsanto unit by nearly $1 billion, marking a significant victory for the company in its ongoing legal battle over the cancer risks associated with its Roundup weedkiller. Judge Daniel Green refused to grant Monsanto’s requests for a new trial or to dismiss the entire verdict, but he did reduce the punitive damages portion of the award by over 60% to approximately $550 million. This reduction in the Missouri award comes as a relief for Bayer, which has … Read more

Monsanto, Now Owned by Bayer, Faces $2 Billion in Damages in Roundup Weedkiller Cancer Lawsuit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – In a recent court ruling, Bayer has successfully persuaded a Missouri judge to significantly reduce the damages awarded to three former users of its Roundup weedkiller. The plaintiffs blamed their cancers on the popular product and were initially awarded $1.5 billion. However, the judge has now reduced this amount by nearly $1 billion to approximately $550 million. While the judge denied Bayer’s requests for a new trial or to dismiss the verdict entirely, the punitive damages portion of the award was drastically reduced. This decision comes after the jury initially awarded … Read more

Widower Alleges Johnson & Johnson Concealed Evidence of Baby Powder’s Cancer Risk

MIAMI (AP) — Johnson & Johnson is facing allegations that it ignored evidence linking its baby powder to ovarian cancer and continued to promote its safety. The pharmaceutical giant chose to “deny, deny, deny” the potential risks associated with its iconic product, according to an attorney representing the widower of a woman who died from ovarian cancer after using the powder. The case, which is scheduled to go to trial next week in Miami, Florida, raises significant questions about the ethical conduct of Johnson & Johnson and its marketing practices. The widower’s attorney argues that … Read more

Mistrial Declared in Landscaper’s Lawsuit Alleging Roundup Causes Cancer

DOVER, Delaware – A mistrial has been declared by a Delaware judge in the latest lawsuit alleging that exposure to the popular weedkiller Roundup causes cancer. The decision was made after the jury sent a note stating that they were unable to reach a unanimous verdict after three days of deliberations. Despite the judge’s order to continue discussions, the jurors remained deadlocked. The lawsuit was brought by the family of Anthony Cloud, a South Carolina landscaper who worked with Roundup for over a decade. Cloud was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2018 and passed away … Read more