Former Ohio Speaker and Judge Charles F. Kurfess Passes Away at 94

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Charles F. Kurfess, former Ohio Speaker of the House and judge, passed away at the age of 94. Born in 1930, Kurfess served as a representative in the Ohio House from 1956 to 1978, representing parts of northwestern Ohio. He held the position of Speaker from 1967 to 1972 before retiring from politics. Following his retirement, Kurfess became a judge in the Wood County Court of Common Pleas. Presidents Nixon and Ford appointed him to the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations. Throughout his career, Kurfess embodied a dedication to public service and … Read more

Georgia House Speaker Jon Burns Announces Plans for Further Election Law Changes, Including Removal of QR Codes

ATLANTA, Georgia – House Speaker Jon Burns announced on Wednesday that Georgia voters can expect additional changes to state election laws this year. In an effort to increase transparency and voter confidence, House Republican leaders will work towards eliminating QR codes from the paper ballots produced by voting machines. Furthermore, they are considering enhancing the powers of the State Election Board, which may come at the expense of the secretary of state. Since 2019, Georgia has implemented a paper backup system for electronic ballots to ensure the accuracy of votes. However, some voters have expressed … Read more

Former House Speaker Summonsed for Jury Duty Just Days After Leaving Office

Bakersfield, California – Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Bakersfield Republican, wasted no time being called for jury duty just two days after leaving his position in Congress. Kern County Jury Services summoned McCarthy to serve on Tuesday, emphasizing that even former elected officials are not exempt from this civic duty. While elected officials are typically exempt from jury duty, it appears that there is no grace period for those who voluntarily leave their positions. McCarthy’s swift summons highlights the importance of citizens fulfilling their obligations to serve on juries, regardless of their previous roles … Read more

Federal Judge Delays Corruption Trial for Former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan Amid Supreme Court’s Pending Ruling on A Similar Case

CHICAGO (AP) — Former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s corruption trial has been postponed as the U.S. Supreme Court reviews a similar case in Indiana. The trial, originally scheduled for April, has been rescheduled to begin on October 8, according to U.S. District Judge John Blakey. He warned prosecutors that proceeding with the trial before the Supreme Court’s ruling could result in a retrial. Madigan, seated at the defense table, consented to the delay. Madigan is one of several individuals facing public corruption charges in Chicago who have requested that their cases be put on … Read more