Michigan House of Representatives Passes Legislation to Repeal Surrogacy Act, Paving the Way for Reproductive Freedom

LANSING, Mich. — The state of Michigan may soon see changes to its surrogacy laws as lawmakers in the House of Representatives pass a package of legislation aimed at updating the existing Surrogate Parenting Act. The Act, which was enacted on September 1, 1988, prohibits compensated surrogacy parenting in the state. However, after 36 years, lawmakers are now looking to repeal and replace this law with the Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy Parentage Act. If signed into law, House Bill 5207, which is the primary legislation in the package, would establish the new Act and repeal … Read more

Michigan Faces Potential Changes to Surrogacy Laws, Offering Hope to Couples

Lansing, Michigan – Michigan is one of the few states in the country that prohibits compensated surrogacy contracts. This means that individuals in Michigan are not allowed to pay someone to carry a baby for them. The state’s strict surrogacy laws present significant challenges for those who choose to have a child through surrogacy, particularly when it comes to gaining parental rights. Adam Taylor, who had a baby with his husband through a surrogate, knows firsthand the difficulties faced by individuals seeking surrogacy in Michigan. Taylor, who now resides in California, mentors families in Michigan … Read more