Portland Firefighter Convicted of Kidnapping After Trapping Pot Thief in Cargo Container, Jury Decides

A firefighter in Portland, Oregon has been found guilty of kidnapping after locking a thief in a cargo container. The jury reached their verdict in the case, which involved a stolen bag of marijuana. The incident occurred when the firefighter, whose identity has not been disclosed, discovered someone trying to steal the marijuana from his truck. In a bid to prevent the thief from getting away, he took matters into his own hands, locking the individual inside a cargo container. During the trial, the firefighter argued that he was acting in self-defense and to protect … Read more

Conservation Groups Fight Against Wolf Trapping in Idaho, Seeking to Protect Endangered Grizzly Bears

BOISE, Idaho – Conservation groups are taking legal action to protect endangered grizzly bears in Idaho from wolf trapping practices. Thirteen organizations have filed a lawsuit to halt the use of traps and snares for wolves, arguing that such methods could inadvertently harm grizzlies as well. The groups have appealed to a federal judge, requesting a ban on trapping activities during periods when bears are not hibernating. Idaho is home to approximately 80 protected grizzly bears, and conservationists fear that even a single casualty caused by a wolf trap could hinder the species’ recovery efforts. … Read more

Montana Wolf Trapping Season Opens Amidst Lawsuit Concerns for Grizzly Bear Safety

HELENA, Montana – Wolf trapping season began on January 1 in several valleys across Montana, following a delay due to concerns for the safety of grizzly bears. Trappers in the Clearwater, Swan, and Blackfoot Valleys have already started setting snares and traps. The season was initially halted by a lawsuit filed by environmental groups, arguing that the traps inadvertently ensnare federally-protected grizzly bears. However, the lawsuit only resulted in a suspension of early-and-late season trapping, not a complete ban on trapping from January 1 to February 15. The controversy surrounding wolf trapping centers on the … Read more