Lawsuit Challenges Validity of Speed Camera Tickets Issued by Suffolk and Chesapeake, Sparking Controversy Over Third-Party Involvement and Violation of Virginia Laws

SUFFOLK, Va. – A lawsuit has been filed against the cities of Chesapeake and Suffolk in Hampton Roads, challenging the validity of the tickets issued by the newly installed speed cameras. Attorney Tim Anderson argues that both cities are violating Virginia laws by not issuing standard summonses for these tickets and by using out-of-state companies to collect fines. Anderson claims that the cities are exploiting their authority for financial gain. According to documents provided by Anderson, the tickets differ significantly from typical Virginia summonses, suggesting that the municipalities have altered them to maximize revenue. Anderson … Read more

Hampton Woman Awarded $22,000 in Lawsuit Against Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail Over Lack of Toilet Paper and Fecal Matter Towels

Hampton, Virginia – A federal jury has awarded a Hampton woman $22,000 in a lawsuit against the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail. The woman, Antoinette Weathers, claimed that jail guards denied her toilet paper for several days in 2022. Additionally, she alleged that the towels provided to her were “caked in fecal matter.” In addition to the compensation, the jail is also responsible for paying approximately $60,000 in attorney fees. Weathers, 63, was taken into custody in June 2022 to serve a three-week sentence on assault and DUI charges from York County. During her time in … Read more

Virginia Governor Signs Gun Safety Bills into Law, Sparks Debate and Polarized Reactions

RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has signed a series of gun safety bills into law while vetoing numerous others, sparking both praise from advocates and criticism from Democratic lawmakers. The legislation that received his signature includes measures to prevent children who pose a credible threat from accessing firearms and to ban an illegal device known as an auto sear, which can convert firearms into automatic weapons. In a statement, Governor Youngkin emphasized his commitment to upholding the rights of law-abiding Virginians while also enacting “common sense reforms.” However, House Majority Leader Charniele Herring … Read more

Virginia Beach Double Murder Trial: Jury Deliberates After Testimony Reveals Horrific Crimes

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – A jury is set to deliberate in the Cola Beale IV double murder trial after two days of testimony. The Commonwealth rested after 15 witnesses testified about a series of violent crimes that occurred in late March 2022. Beale faces charges of aggravated murder, animal cruelty causing death, arson, and gun charges. Aggravated murder carries a potential sentence of life in prison without parole. Beale admitted to killing his girlfriend, Czavi’er Hill, and his father figure, Clifton Baxter, in Virginia Beach before traveling to Norfolk and killing his cousin. He was … Read more