Georgia’s Nutsa Buzaladze Sets Eurovision Stage Ablaze with ‘Firefighter’ Performance

TBILISI, GEORGIA – Georgia has unveiled its entry for Eurovision 2024, with Nutsa Buzaladze set to perform the song “Firefighter.” As the Wiwi Jury, our team of music enthusiasts, reviews and rates the competing songs, we take a closer look at Georgia’s chances in the international music competition. Nutsa Buzaladze’s “Firefighter” follows the well-known formula for female pop bangers, showcasing strong vocals, flawless dancing, and a catchy beat. However, some members of the jury feel that the chorus lacks the extra bit of catchiness needed to truly make it memorable. Despite this, there is optimism … Read more

Georgia’s Voting Laws Face Renewed Controversy Ahead of Potential Trump-Biden Rematch

Atlanta, Georgia has become a battleground for heated debates over election laws in recent years. Since Democrat Stacey Abrams’ narrow loss to Republican Brian Kemp in the 2018 governor’s race, tensions have been high. The issue gained national attention in 2021 when Republicans, pressured by activists who believed in Donald Trump’s false claims of widespread election fraud, swiftly implemented a new law imposing stricter voting restrictions. With a likely rematch between Trump and President Joe Biden on the horizon, Georgia is once again tinkering with its state election laws. Just last week, Republican lawmakers passed … Read more

Georgia’s Poor People’s Campaign Mobilizes for Last Weekend of Early Voting in 2024 Presidential Primaries

Atlanta, Georgia residents are urged to make their voices heard as the window for early voting in the 2024 presidential primaries rapidly closes. A concerted effort is underway to encourage voters to head to the polls during the final weekend of early voting. The Georgia Poor People’s Campaign has taken the lead in this initiative, rallying together lower-wage workers, faith leaders, and activists who are calling on lawmakers to prioritize policies aimed at improving the lives of those with low incomes. This campaign, known as “40 Weeks of Action,” seeks to mobilize voters ahead of … Read more

Federal Judge Upholds Georgia’s Runoff System, Denying Black Voters’ Claims of Voter Suppression

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – A federal judge appointed by former President Donald Trump has declined to block Georgia’s system for runoff elections, which has faced scrutiny for its history of diluting Black voting power. The system, designed in the early 1960s to curb Black voting influence, was revamped by Republicans in 2021 to restrict ballot access after Democrats won two US Senate elections. As part of a broader package of voting restrictions, Georgia Republicans decreased the runoff election period from nine weeks to four weeks and reduced early voting from three weeks to one week. The … Read more