Texas Attorney General Sues Pfizer Over Alleged Deceptive Trade Practices Surrounding COVID-19 Vaccine

LUBBOCK, Texas – The Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, has filed a lawsuit against pharmaceutical company Pfizer, alleging misrepresentation and deceptive trade practices related to its COVID-19 vaccine. The lawsuit, initially filed in Lubbock’s 99th District Court, is now expected to be moved to federal court at Pfizer’s request. The company argues that its work was done on behalf of the federal government, justifying the shift to the federal system.

Paxton’s lawsuit accuses Pfizer of making misleading public statements about the efficacy of its COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine was supplied to the government as part of operation “Warp Speed,” which was initiated during the previous Trump administration. The focus of the suit lies in three areas: the duration of protection, protection from transmission, and protection from new variants.

According to the lawsuit, Paxton claims that Pfizer created a false sense of durability and sustained protection from the virus while withholding data that indicated waning efficacy. The company promoted its vaccine as being 95 percent effective against the virus, despite allegedly having contradictory information. Furthermore, the lawsuit accuses Pfizer of using fear and exploitation tactics to persuade the public that the vaccine was the only means of protecting their loved ones.

One of the key allegations made against Pfizer is the company’s alleged dissemination of false and unsupported claims about the vaccine’s performance against new virus variants. Paxton argues that these claims violate the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. The Attorney General’s aim is to prohibit Pfizer from making any further false claims and seeks civil penalties of up to $10 million for each violation of the DTPA.

Pfizer has responded to the lawsuit, stating that its representations about the vaccine have been “accurate and science-based.” The company strongly believes that Paxton’s lawsuit lacks merit. As the case moves forward, both parties will need to present their arguments and evidence in the appropriate court.

This legal battle between Paxton and Pfizer raises significant questions regarding the integrity of public health information and the responsibilities of pharmaceutical companies. The outcome of this lawsuit will likely have broader implications for the COVID-19 vaccine landscape, as well as for the public’s trust in pharmaceutical companies and government initiatives.