Bank of America Faces Lawsuit for Failing to Refund Overdraft Fees During COVID-19 Hardship

Oakland, California – Bank of America is facing a lawsuit after allegedly failing to honor its commitment to provide refunds for overdraft fees to customers suffering financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, stating that they had valid claims that the bank deceived them with false promises of assistance. The bank had quietly discontinued its “Client Assistance Program” on August 31, 2020, despite continuing to promote relief from overdraft and insufficient fund fees on its website and mobile app. The program was initially … Read more

Kansas Senate Introduces Bill to Limit Health Officers’ Authority Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Kansas Senate is once again attempting to revise public health laws in response to criticism of the state’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, a bill to remove health officers’ authority to issue orders was passed, as was a bill guaranteeing visitation access to hospitalized family members. However, neither bill had enough votes to override a potential veto. In November 2021, backlash against the pandemic response prompted Republicans to call the state’s first special legislative session, leading to the passage of a bill targeting employer vaccine mandates. Democratic Governor Laura … Read more

Jury Awards $205,000 in Damages to Man Arrested for Zombie-Themed COVID-19 Joke on Facebook

FOREST HILL, LOUISIANA – Waylon Bailey, a resident of Forest Hill, Louisiana, was arrested in March 2020 for a Facebook post in which he made a zombie-themed joke about COVID-19. The arrest, carried out with a SWAT-style raid by sheriff’s deputies, provoked controversy and raised questions about free speech. However, a federal jury recently awarded Bailey $205,000 in compensatory and punitive damages, recognizing the harm inflicted by the unconstitutional arrest. Bailey expressed his satisfaction with the jury’s decision, stating that it vindicated his post as satire and highlighted the importance of protecting speech rights. The … Read more

Louisiana Man Awarded $205,000 After Unconstitutional Arrest for Zombie Joke about COVID-19 on Facebook

FOREST HILL, Louisiana – A recent federal jury decision has awarded Waylon Bailey $205,000 in compensatory and punitive damages after his unconstitutional arrest for a satirical Facebook post about COVID-19. The arrest occurred in March 2020 when a SWAT-style raid took place at Bailey’s home, triggered by his zombie-themed joke. The arrest prompted Bailey to file a lawsuit against the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office and Detective Randell Iles, which culminated in the recent jury verdict in his favor. Bailey expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating that the jury recognized his Facebook post as satire … Read more