Federal Judge Warns Providence Attorney of Scrutiny Over Billing Practices in Court Ruling

Boston, MA – A Providence attorney has been put on notice by a federal judge that his billing records will be closely examined in the future. The judge, Allison D. Burroughs, made this warning after awarding plaintiff Jose Gomes Ferreira Vaz half of the attorneys’ fees he had requested as the prevailing party in his appeal against the Social Security Administration’s denial of his disability benefits claim. Judge Burroughs expressed concerns over the billing practices at Green & Greenberg, the law firm representing Vaz. The government had opposed the award of attorneys’ fees, citing issues … Read more

Radiology Group and CEO Settle Federal Lawsuit for $2.7 Million in Questionable Billing Practices

The Radiology Group, a medical imaging company based in Atlanta, Georgia, and its CEO, Dr. Anand Lalaji, have been ordered to pay a total of $3.1 million in a settlement with the federal government and several states. The company has been accused of defrauding federal health care programs by billing for services that did not meet federal standards. The settlement includes a payment of $2.7 million to the federal government and around $400,000 to the states involved in the case. The allegations against The Radiology Group were initially brought to light by two whistleblowers. It … Read more

Noel, Missouri Police Force Grapples with Anti-Police Reforms, Struggles to Maintain Law Enforcement Practices

NOEL, Missouri – A small town in Missouri is facing challenges as it grapples with ongoing efforts to reform law enforcement practices. The local police force is up against the push from anti-police activists and both federal and state lawmakers who are advocating for changes. Noel Marshal Randy Wilson, who has over 30 years of law enforcement experience, shared his views on the matter. While recognizing the need for improvements, Wilson also raised concerns about how far the reforms should go and whether they are tying the hands of law enforcement officers too much. Wilson, … Read more

ICOM Launches Global Award Recognizing Sustainable Development Practices in Museums

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is launching a prestigious global award that aims to recognize innovative initiatives and exemplary museum practices in sustainable development. The ICOM Award, the first of its kind organized by ICOM, seeks to showcase the contributions of museums to sustainable development and inspire museum professionals worldwide to prioritize sustainability. Through this award, ICOM aims to implement its 2019 Resolution on sustainability and the implementation of Agenda 2030, adopted in Kyoto. It also aims to promote the roles and responsibilities of museums in sustainable development and … Read more