Lawsuit Filed Against California Construction Subcontractor for Alleged Wage Theft and Labor Violations: Thousands of Workers Affected

Riverside, California – California Attorney General Rob Bonta has taken legal action against West Coast Drywall & Company, a construction subcontractor operating in multiple counties across the state. The subcontractor, based in Riverside, is facing allegations of labor violations and wage theft from thousands of workers.

One former employee, Miguel Gonzalez, claimed that West Coast Drywall & Company failed to pay overtime and sometimes issued checks under different names. “They made us work on Saturdays, but didn’t pay us overtime,” Gonzalez stated.

The lawsuit, which includes violations dating back to August 2019, accuses the company of several offenses. These include failure to pay owed wages, overtime, and reimbursement for tools and personal equipment. The lawsuit also alleges that West Coast Drywall & Company violated California labor laws by not providing paycheck stubs, breaks, and lunches.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, approximately 7,000 employees in the construction industry have been impacted by wage theft and other labor violations over the past four years. Concerns have been raised over the possibility of more victims.

“We are seeking monetary compensation for all workers, ensuring that they are paid what they are owed,” stated Bonta. The Attorney General’s Office is also seeking a court order to halt the alleged unlawful practices and impose penalties of $2,500 per violation.

Gonzalez, emphasizing the importance of keeping records, advised workers to document their hours and days worked. “Always keep work records, and if you don’t have them, write down the days and hours you work on a piece of paper or calendar,” he advised.

The Carpenters and Contractors Cooperation Committee supported the workers in filing the complaint. The non-profit organization is urging affected individuals to come forward and report their experiences by contacting them via phone (619-643-3340) or email.

Telemundo 52 reached out to West Coast Drywall & Company for their response to the allegations. However, the company did not respond to calls or emails.

This lawsuit against West Coast Drywall & Company highlights the ongoing issue of wage theft and labor violations in the construction industry. It serves as a reminder for workers to be aware of their rights and to take necessary steps to protect themselves. The outcome of this legal action will shape the future of labor practices within the industry, with potential implications for subcontractors across the state.