North Myrtle Beach Eatery Faces Lawsuit for Allegedly Denying Servers Minimum Wage

North Myrtle Beach, SC – A lawsuit has been filed against a prominent local restaurant in North Myrtle Beach, alleging that the establishment failed to pay its servers the federally mandated minimum wage. This case highlights ongoing concerns about wage practices within the hospitality industry, particularly in this popular tourist destination. According to legal documents, the plaintiff, who was previously employed as a server at the restaurant, claims that the management routinely compensated the staff at rates significantly lower than the required federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Furthermore, the lawsuit accuses the establishment … Read more

New Wage, Ticketing, and Public Health Reforms Set to Roll Out Across D.C., Maryland, and Virginia Starting July

Washington, D.C. – Starting July 1, a series of new legislations across Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia will bring notable changes ranging from wage adjustments to the legality of certain sales practices, impacting a wide swath of residents and businesses in the region. In the District of Columbia, the minimum wage is set to rise, moving from $17 to $17.50 per hour for non-tipped workers. This change reflects the city’s ongoing commitment to economic adjustments that accommodate living costs. For those who work for tips, their hourly wage will increase from $8 to $10, offering … Read more

Illinois Welcomes New Laws in July: Higher Minimum Wage, Paid Leave Expansion, and Gas Tax Increase

Springfield, Ill. — Illinois residents can expect several key changes beginning July 1 as new state laws take effect, impacting everything from gasoline prices to workers’ pay and rights. These changes are set to make life a little different for many across the state, affecting motorists, employees, freelancers, and even child social media influencers. One of the standout adjustments will be at the gas pump. The state’s gasoline tax will see a slight increase from the current 45.4 cents per gallon to 47 cents, marking an uptick of over 3.5%. Diesel fuel taxes will also … Read more

Challenging the Tipped Minimum Wage: A Closer Look at Maryland’s Potential Elimination

Washington, D.C. – Maryland residents are advised to thoroughly investigate the potential consequences before supporting the elimination of the tipped minimum wage, as seen in the nation’s capital. As an owner of restaurants in both D.C. and Maryland, I urge residents to conduct a comprehensive study of the earnings and reasons behind tipped employment. Employees in my establishments earn an impressive $35 to $40 per hour, surpassing the wages of cooks and dishwashers in most full-service restaurants. Additionally, it is crucial to examine the financial struggles faced by the restaurant industry itself. Contrary to popular … Read more