Brown County Grand Jury Indicts Six Individuals on Serious Criminal Charges, Including Attempted Murder and Grand Theft

GEORGETOWN, Ohio — A Brown County grand jury has recently indicted six individuals on various criminal charges. Among them is Bruce Allen Haddix, a 52-year-old resident of Russellville, who is facing one count of attempted murder. He is accused of deliberately trying to cause the death of Cody Ryan Henderson. Court documents reveal that Haddix allegedly had a firearm in his possession at the time of the offense. The charge also specifies forfeiture of a weapon, a Kimber 9mm handgun. In addition to the attempted murder charge, Haddix was indicted on January 5 on one … Read more

Hopkinsville Grand Jury Hands Down Multiple Indictments for Assault, Rape, and Theft in Christian County

Christian County, Kentucky – A Christian County Grand Jury has issued multiple indictments, including charges of first-degree assault and first-degree rape. These serious allegations have shaken the community and raised concerns about the safety of its residents. Among those indicted is 18-year-old Alexeye A. Story of Hopkinsville, who is accused of using a deadly weapon to inflict physical harm on a male victim, displaying a complete disregard for human life. The incident allegedly took place on December 5th, leaving the victim severely injured and traumatized. Another indictment was handed down for first-degree rape against 19-year-old … Read more

Progressive California Mayors Rally to Amend Controversial Crime Laws and Address Soaring Drug Use and Theft

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Progressive mayors in California are supporting a campaign to amend a decades-old state law that critics argue has emboldened criminals. Proposition 47, a law passed in 2014, downgraded penalties for petty theft and drug possession, reclassifying them as misdemeanors. Under the law, even multiple offenses of petty theft below $950 are considered misdemeanors. Additionally, many narcotics possession offenses that were once felonies were converted to misdemeanors. A new ballot initiative called the Homelessness, Drug Addiction, and Theft Reduction Act aims to amend Proposition 47. The measure has garnered support from both … Read more

Lawsuit Filed Against California Construction Subcontractor for Alleged Wage Theft and Labor Violations: Thousands of Workers Affected

Riverside, California – California Attorney General Rob Bonta has taken legal action against West Coast Drywall & Company, a construction subcontractor operating in multiple counties across the state. The subcontractor, based in Riverside, is facing allegations of labor violations and wage theft from thousands of workers. One former employee, Miguel Gonzalez, claimed that West Coast Drywall & Company failed to pay overtime and sometimes issued checks under different names. “They made us work on Saturdays, but didn’t pay us overtime,” Gonzalez stated. The lawsuit, which includes violations dating back to August 2019, accuses the company … Read more