Security Incident at Judge’s Home Raises Concerns Ahead of Closing Arguments in Trump Organization Trial

New York, USA – A bomb squad was dispatched to the residence of Judge Arthur Engoron in New York ahead of the closing arguments in the $370 million civil fraud trial involving Donald Trump. The security incident occurred just hours before the judge was scheduled to hear the final arguments in the case. Nassau County police on Long Island responded to the incident at 5:30 a.m. ET, although no further details were provided. Judge Engoron and his staff have faced ongoing criticism and death threats from Trump during the trial.

This incident follows a recent disagreement between Trump’s legal team and Judge Engoron regarding Trump’s request to deliver his own closing arguments. The judge declined Trump’s request after his lawyers failed to confirm that the arguments would not turn into a campaign speech or attack the judge, his staff, the plaintiff, or the New York state court system. Despite this development, Trump is still expected to attend the hearing.

The trial, which has spanned 11 weeks, focuses on the financial statements made by Trump’s family business. Judge Engoron has already ruled that the Trump Organization committed fraud, and now he is tasked with determining the appropriate penalty. New York Attorney General Letitia James, who brought the case against Trump, expressed confidence in the strength of their case, stating that the court has already recognized Trump’s years of significant financial fraud and unjust enrichment.

Outside the courthouse, protestors briefly disrupted traffic with a sign reading “No Dictators in the USA” before being cleared by police. The closing statements in the trial are expected to shed further light on the extent of the fraud committed by the Trump Organization and its implications. The judge’s residence being targeted with a bomb threat highlights the high tensions surrounding the trial.

In summary, a bomb squad was called to Judge Arthur Engoron’s residence in New York ahead of the closing arguments in the civil fraud trial involving Donald Trump. This incident occurred amidst an ongoing dispute between Trump’s legal team and the judge. The trial has already established the Trump Organization’s fraudulent activities, and Judge Engoron now has the task of determining appropriate penalties. Despite the security incident, Trump is still expected to attend the hearing.