Gun Control Advocates Rally at Minnesota State Capitol in Support of Stricter Firearm Regulations

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — A rally is scheduled to take place at the Minnesota State Capitol on Tuesday afternoon in support of stricter gun laws. This comes in response to the recent fatal shooting of two police officers and a firefighter paramedic in Burnsville, which spurred the introduction of proposed legislation two weeks ago. The rally aims to garner support for two bills that advocates hope will become law. One of the bills proposes a requirement for gun owners to store their guns and ammunition separately. However, opponents argue that this requirement is illogical and prevents … Read more

Arizona State Capitol Marched Upon by Advocates Protesting for Unborn Children’s Protection and Abortion Rights

PHOENIX, Arizona – Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of individuals took to the streets surrounding the Arizona State Capitol on Friday, united in their mission to defend the rights of unborn children. The rally drew in a diverse range of participants, including Judith Villegas, an anti-abortion advocate who spoke passionately about her personal experience with abortion and its lasting impact on her physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. The future of abortion in Arizona remains uncertain, as the Arizona State Supreme Court deliberates on whether to uphold a near-total abortion ban that predates the state’s establishment. … Read more

Arizona House Rejects Proposal to Honor Justice Sandra Day O’Connor at U.S. Capitol, Following Her Son’s Objection

PHOENIX, Arizona – A proposal to honor former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor with a statue in the U.S. Capitol has been rejected by the Arizona House. The resolution, put forward by Republican Rep. Matt Gress, failed to pass with a vote of 21-38. The majority of lawmakers who voted against the resolution cited O’Connor’s son, Scott O’Connor, who objected to the proposal on the grounds that his mother is already set to be honored at the nation’s Capitol with statues of O’Connor and former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Scott O’Connor’s argument proved … Read more

Legal Battle: Trump’s Eligibility on Illinois Ballot Challenged Amidst Claims of Involvement in Capitol Insurrection

CHICAGO (Capitol News Illinois) — Lawyers representing former President Donald Trump and five Illinois voters engaged in a courtroom battle in downtown Chicago on Friday over whether Trump should be removed from the upcoming primary ballot. The case, which began last month when the Illinois State Board of Elections declined to disqualify Trump, may be decided by next week, according to Cook County Circuit Court Judge Tracie Porter. Despite Porter’s hope for a speedy resolution, it is possible that the case may escalate to the Illinois Supreme Court, according to Carolyn Lederer, the attorney arguing … Read more