North Carolina’s Fireworks Laws Restrict Aerial Displays: What’s Legal This 4th of July?

As Independence Day approaches, residents across North Carolina are revisiting the do’s and don’ts of fireworks, a staple of the holiday’s celebrations. While spectacular shows light up the skies at public events, private use of pyrotechnics is wrapped in legal stipulations that might dampen the festive spirit for some. In North Carolina, the law distinctly prohibits the use of any fireworks that propel into the air, such as bottle rockets and Roman candles. Nonetheless, there are several novelty items that are permissible under state laws. Among the legal varieties are wire sparklers, smoke devices, and … Read more

North Carolina’s Strict Occupational Licensing Laws Stifle Economic Growth and Opportunities

RALEIGH, North Carolina — The state of North Carolina may be hindering its future economic performance by imposing strict occupational licensing requirements. In order to enter many professions in the state, individuals must possess specific education credentials, undergo a certain amount of training, or pass licensure exams. While it is common for states to license certain professions like physicians and civil engineers, North Carolina stands out by requiring licenses for occupations such as eyelash technicians, apprentice manicurists, and drama movement therapists. In recent rankings of state licensing laws, North Carolina ranked poorly. A report by … Read more

Federal Judge Requests New Briefs in Lawsuit Challenging North Carolina’s Abortion Pill Restrictions

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The federal judge overseeing a lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s restrictions on abortion pills has requested new briefs from the parties involved by Feb. 5. This development suggests that the judge may issue a final decision without the need for a trial. US Chief District Judge Catherine Eagles, presiding over the case Bryant v. Stein, made this request during a hearing in Greensboro. The hearing was initially scheduled to consider the motion filed by legislative leaders to dismiss the lawsuit. However, all parties involved agreed to convert the motion into a cross motion … Read more

Lawsuit Challenges North Carolina’s 2024 Primary Elections: Allegations of Racial Gerrymandering Sparks Controversy

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — A federal judge is set to weigh arguments in a lawsuit that could disrupt the 2024 primary elections in North Carolina. The case revolves around two state Senate districts in Northeastern North Carolina, where black voters are claiming that GOP leaders engaged in racial gerrymandering. The lawsuit asserts that the newly drawn districts were deliberately divided in a way that dilutes the political influence of black voters in the upcoming elections. The plaintiffs are seeking a temporary halt to the elections in these districts. The Northeastern region of the state is … Read more