Idaho Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID Laws Amid Lawsuit by Babe Vote and League of Women Voters

BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Supreme Court has ruled against two voter advocacy groups, Babe Vote and the League of Women Voters, in their legal challenge of certain voter identification laws in the state. The groups had filed a lawsuit against Idaho Secretary of State Phil McGrane regarding laws passed in 2023 that imposed restrictions on the use of student IDs for voter registration and as proof of identification at the polls, as well as additional requirements for proving residency to register to vote. They argued that these laws disproportionately affected certain groups of people … Read more

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Conservative Group, Demanding Access to Voter Rolls for Database Expansion

Santa Fe, New Mexico – A federal judge has issued a ruling stating that New Mexico election officials violated the National Voter Registration Act by refusing to provide voter rolls to a conservative group and its public online database. U.S. District Court Judge James Browning’s decision largely favors the Voter Reference Foundation, which seeks to expand a free database of registered voters to allow other organizations and individuals to search for potential fraud. However, critics argue that making voter lists widely available could expose sensitive information to bad actors or potentially disenfranchise voters through intimidation … Read more

Nevada Secretary of State Slams GOP Lawsuit Over Voter Registration as ‘Meritless’ Amid Controversy

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – The Nevada Secretary of State, Francisco Aguilar, has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the state GOP over voter registration as lacking merit. The lawsuit, which was filed by the Nevada Republican Party and the Republican National Committee, alleges that several counties in the state have voter registration numbers that exceed the number of adult citizens over the age of 18. Specifically, the lawsuit claims that Douglas County has a registration rate of 104%, Lyon County at 105%, and Storey County at 113%. Two other counties, Carson City and Clark County, reported … Read more

Ionia City Clerk Highlights Voter Turnout and Challenges with New Election Laws in February Presidential Primary

IONIA, Michigan – Ionia’s clerk recently provided an update on the challenges faced by clerks due to new election laws during the February presidential primary. Mary Patrick, Ionia City Clerk, discussed the primary at the Ionia City Council meeting on March 6. Out of more than 5,000 registered city voters, a total of 705 ballots were cast. These included 390 absentee votes, 299 votes on Election Day, and 16 early voting participants over nine days. The cost of the election and the turnout were also discussed. In-person voting cost the city $0.50 per voter, while … Read more