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New York – As the digital media landscape continues to evolve, an increasing number of news outlets are offering comprehensive subscription services designed to enhance user experience across various platforms. These subscriptions promise to cater to the diversified needs of modern readers, providing unlimited access to both web and mobile app content. One significant feature is the digital replica of the printed edition, known as the eNewspaper. This allows users the benefit of an interactive and searchable version of the print format they can access from anywhere at any time, mirroring the traditional reading experience … Read more

Pennsylvania Senators Propose Comprehensive Legislation to Protect Sexually Exploited Children

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – State Senators Dan Laughlin and Cris Dush have announced their plan to introduce new legislation that aims to address gaps in the current safe harbor laws for sexually exploited children in Pennsylvania. The proposed legislation will extend the scope to cover all criminal offenses related to the exploitation of children, rather than specific offenses. This broader approach ensures that victims receive necessary assistance and protections, regardless of the circumstances. Laughlin, a Republican representing the 49th district, emphasized the need to change the legal treatment of sexually exploited children and implement provisions to … Read more

New Hampshire Becomes the Latest State to Pass Comprehensive Privacy Law, Taking Effect in 2025

Concord, New Hampshire – The state of New Hampshire has recently signed its second comprehensive privacy law for the year 2024. Starting from January 1, 2025, this law will be in effect, aligning with similar legislation in other states such as Iowa, Delaware, and New Jersey. Notably, the law does not include a definition of “consumer” within an employment context, and its enforcement powers lie with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office. Furthermore, it does not provide a private right of action, following the lead of several other states. One key aspect of the new … Read more

New Hampshire Passes Comprehensive Privacy Law, Becoming 15th State to Protect Consumer Data

Concord, New Hampshire – New Hampshire has joined the ranks of states with comprehensive privacy laws, as Governor Chris Sununu signed SB 255 into law on March 6, 2024. With this move, New Hampshire becomes the 15th state to establish such legislation, aiming to protect consumer data in the digital age. SB 255 applies to individuals and businesses that conduct business in the state or produce products/services targeted at New Hampshire residents. The law specifies two thresholds for applicability: processing personal data of either 35,000 unique consumers or 10,000 unique consumers with a revenue share … Read more