Florida Governor Signs Legislation to Protect Children from Exploitation and Combat Domestic Violence, Inspired by Gabby Petito’s Tragic Story

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a series of bills on Wednesday aimed at protecting children from exploitation and online predators, as well as a domestic violence bill inspired by the tragic killing of Gabby Petito. During a news conference in St. Petersburg, DeSantis signed five pieces of legislation. One of the bills, referred to as the “Gabby Petito Act” or SB 1224, requires law enforcement officers investigating domestic violence incidents to administer a lethality assessment under certain circumstances. The assessment involves asking a series of questions to determine if the victim … Read more

Pennsylvania Senators Propose Comprehensive Legislation to Protect Sexually Exploited Children

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – State Senators Dan Laughlin and Cris Dush have announced their plan to introduce new legislation that aims to address gaps in the current safe harbor laws for sexually exploited children in Pennsylvania. The proposed legislation will extend the scope to cover all criminal offenses related to the exploitation of children, rather than specific offenses. This broader approach ensures that victims receive necessary assistance and protections, regardless of the circumstances. Laughlin, a Republican representing the 49th district, emphasized the need to change the legal treatment of sexually exploited children and implement provisions to … Read more

Ethical Dilemma Uncovered: Ombudsman Concludes Supreme Court Judge Kabub Made Wrongful Ruling Involving His Children

Jerusalem, Israel – The Israel Ombudsman has criticized Supreme Court judge Kabub for his involvement in a case that concerned his own children. The Ombudsman argued that Kabub’s ruling was incorrect, due to his personal connection to the matter. This move has raised concerns about impartiality and the potential conflict of interest within the country’s judicial system. The case in question involved Kabub’s children, making it a sensitive issue. The Ombudsman’s findings indicate that Kabub should have recused himself from the case due to a potential bias. This failure to do so has cast doubt … Read more

Texas Judge Temporarily Blocks AG’s Request for Information on Transgender Children in Landmark LGBTQ+ Case

Austin, Texas – A Texas judge has temporarily blocked state Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, from requiring an LGBTQ+ advocacy group to disclose information about transgender children receiving gender transition treatment. The ruling came in response to a legal challenge brought by PFLAG National, which sought to prevent Paxton’s office from collecting the information. Travis County District Court Judge Maria Cantú Hexsel determined that forcing PFLAG to provide the information would violate their rights of free speech, association, and protection from unreasonable searches. She described it as a “gross invasion” of privacy. The judge’s … Read more