Pennsylvania Senators Propose Comprehensive Legislation to Protect Sexually Exploited Children

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – State Senators Dan Laughlin and Cris Dush have announced their plan to introduce new legislation that aims to address gaps in the current safe harbor laws for sexually exploited children in Pennsylvania. The proposed legislation will extend the scope to cover all criminal offenses related to the exploitation of children, rather than specific offenses. This broader approach ensures that victims receive necessary assistance and protections, regardless of the circumstances. Laughlin, a Republican representing the 49th district, emphasized the need to change the legal treatment of sexually exploited children and implement provisions to … Read more

New York Legislators Propose Stricter Laws to Combat Rising Squatter Incidents

New York legislators are currently pushing for new laws to address the issue of “squatting” following a series of recent clashes between squatters and homeowners. Squatting refers to the act of occupying a piece of land or a building without legal ownership or permission. It involves individuals living on the property without paying rent or having any lawful documentation stating their ownership. The lenient squatting laws in New York State have come under scrutiny due to several incidents involving squatters. In the state, if a squatter has been living in a home for 30 days, … Read more

Louisiana Lawmakers Propose Bill to Establish 25-Foot Rule Governing Interactions with Police Officers

LAKE CHARLES, La. – State lawmakers in Louisiana are proposing a new law that would impose a minimum distance of 25 feet between individuals and police officers. The legislation, known as House Bill 173, aims to make it a crime for anyone to approach a law enforcement officer closer than the prescribed distance after being ordered to stop. Offenders could face fines up to $500, imprisonment for up to 60 days, or both. This bill is not a new initiative, as it was previously considered by the legislature in 2023 but was ultimately vetoed by … Read more

Connecticut Republicans Propose Minimum Prison Sentences for Election Law Violations Amidst Bridgeport Fraud Allegations

HARTFORD, Conn. – In response to a series of election fraud allegations in Bridgeport’s mayoral race, Connecticut Republicans have recently proposed legislation that would impose a minimum one-year prison sentence for individuals who violate state election laws. The bill, which has garnered support from State Sen. Rob Sampson and several State Representatives, targets those who intentionally attempt to manipulate votes, ballots, and petitions, as well as election officials who neglect their duties and individuals who unlawfully fill out or submit absentee ballots. Currently, willful violations of election laws in Connecticut are considered class D felonies, … Read more