Radiology Group and CEO Settle Federal Lawsuit for $2.7 Million in Questionable Billing Practices

The Radiology Group, a medical imaging company based in Atlanta, Georgia, and its CEO, Dr. Anand Lalaji, have been ordered to pay a total of $3.1 million in a settlement with the federal government and several states. The company has been accused of defrauding federal health care programs by billing for services that did not meet federal standards. The settlement includes a payment of $2.7 million to the federal government and around $400,000 to the states involved in the case. The allegations against The Radiology Group were initially brought to light by two whistleblowers. It … Read more

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Conservative Group, Demanding Access to Voter Rolls for Database Expansion

Santa Fe, New Mexico – A federal judge has issued a ruling stating that New Mexico election officials violated the National Voter Registration Act by refusing to provide voter rolls to a conservative group and its public online database. U.S. District Court Judge James Browning’s decision largely favors the Voter Reference Foundation, which seeks to expand a free database of registered voters to allow other organizations and individuals to search for potential fraud. However, critics argue that making voter lists widely available could expose sensitive information to bad actors or potentially disenfranchise voters through intimidation … Read more

Trucking Giant Pride Group Seeks Bankruptcy Protection as $100 Million Lawsuit Looms

Mississauga, Ontario – Pride Group, one of Canada’s largest trucking carriers, has filed for bankruptcy protection following a lawsuit from lender Mitsubishi HC Capital America. The lawsuit seeks $100 million. Pride Group submitted the creditor protection filing on Thursday, invoking the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) in Canada. Under the CCAA, the company receives a stay of proceedings for at least 10 days. In a news release, Pride Group stated that the CCAA proceedings and seeking recognition under Chapter 15 cases would enable them to continue operations, stabilize their business, establish governance controls and monitoring, … Read more

MLB Players’ Group Exposes Intimidation Tactics Amid Union Leadership Battle

NEW YORK (AP) — A group of players challenging the leadership of the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) has claimed that players who speak out against union leadership are facing threats and bullying from their peers. Harry Marino, a former MLBPA lawyer and spokesperson for the group seeking to oust some union leaders, expressed disappointment at the alleged actions in a statement released on Sunday. He emphasized that every union member has the right to express their opinions without fear of retaliation, protected by federal law. Marino did not provide specifics about which players … Read more