Judge Denies Trump’s Request to Delay Hush Money Trial, Considers Relaxing Gag Order

NEW YORK, NY – A New York appeals court judge has rejected former President Donald Trump’s request to postpone the trial in his hush money case, slated to begin on April 15. The decision was made by Judge Cynthia Kern, who also stated that the full Appellate Division First Department will later review whether to ease the limited gag order that Trump has been requesting. In the upcoming weeks, the full panel of the appellate division will consider three important components that could potentially impact Trump’s criminal trial in New York. On the very day … Read more

Florida County Considers Repealing Gun Sale Waiting Period and Background Check Requirements, Prompting Concerns of A Potential Surge in Immediate Gun Violence

DELAND, Fla. – The Volusia County Council in Florida unanimously voted to move forward with a plan to repeal local gun laws that require a three-day waiting period and background check for private gun sales. The ordinance will undergo further voting before it is officially repealed. The law currently applies to private sellers at gun shows held at the Volusia County Fairgrounds. The proposal to lift these restrictions was put forth by District 3 Councilman Danny Robins and supported by other council members who believe that these rules infringe upon Second Amendment rights. They argue … Read more

New York State Considers Scrapping Century-Old Law Criminalizing Adultery

New York, USA – A century-old law criminalizing adultery may soon be repealed in the state of New York. Introduced in 1907 to deter divorces, the law has seldom been enforced, with only about a dozen people charged since 1972 and five resulting in convictions. New York assemblyman Charles Lavine has sponsored a bill to repeal the law, describing it as nonsensical and outdated. Supporters argue that it is time to move away from viewing intimate relationships between consenting adults as immoral. The bill has already passed the state assembly and is expected to be … Read more

Minnesota Considers Making Swatting Calls a Felony Offense Amid Rise in Fake School Shooting Reports

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Lawmakers in Minnesota are considering a proposal that would make swatting calls, a dangerous and wasteful act, a felony offense in the state. Swatting involves making a fake call to emergency services in order to elicit a response, often from a SWAT team, at another person’s house. The proposal, authored by Rep. Lisa Demuth, the GOP Minority Leader, aims to specifically target those who make swatting calls to the homes of elected officials, judges, prosecuting attorneys, correctional facility employees, or peace officers. Under current Minnesota law, it is already a crime … Read more