Fears and Uncertainty for Rohingya Refugees Facing Deportation in India

Kolkata, India – Since the government of Manipur, a northeast Indian state, ordered the deportation of Rohingya refugees on March 8, Muhammad Hamin has been unable to sleep at night. The state’s Chief Minister, N Biren Singh, announced on social media that the first group of refugees had been deported, but the plan was later halted when Myanmar refused to cooperate. Hamin, a Rohingya refugee who arrived in India in 2018, is now in New Delhi, nearly 1,700 kilometers away from Manipur. Despite the distance, he closely follows news updates and spends his time watching … Read more

Hong Kong’s Controversial Security Law Sparks International Concerns and Heightens Crackdown Fears: CNN Reports

Hong Kong government unveils controversial security law that raises concerns both domestically and internationally. The new legislation has sparked fears of further restrictions and crackdowns in the city, prompting critics and foreign governments to express their apprehension. These security laws, which were recently revealed by the Hong Kong government, have been met with significant backlash and are viewed as potential threats to the autonomy and freedoms of the region. The introduction of this new security law has prompted concerns about its implications for Hong Kong’s political climate and its impact on civil liberties. Critics argue … Read more

The Judge’s Warning in E. Jean Carroll’s Trial Sheds Light on Trump’s Retribution Fears

New York, NY – Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann emphasized a notable moment during writer E. Jean Carroll’s second defamation trial against former President Donald Trump. The trial concluded with the judge warning the jurors against disclosing their involvement due to concerns of retaliation from Trump or his supporters. Weissmann compared this cautionary instruction to a similar instance in the trial of Vincent Gigante, the former boss of the Genovese family, where the jurors were also advised to refrain from individual statements to the press to avoid retribution. Weissmann remarked that it was remarkable to … Read more