Angelina County Grand Jury Issues Indictments for Forgery and More in November and December 2023

Lufkin, Texas – In November and December 2023, a grand jury in Angelina County issued indictments for a range of charges. One individual, Chrishod Atkins, was indicted for the forgery of a government or national instrument, money, or security. The details of the alleged offense were not provided. Other indictments included charges of various crimes. For instance, a person identified as ‘A@DD6DD:@?’ was indicted for an undisclosed offense, as well as ‘q@33J’ and ‘r@C6J’ for different, unidentified crimes. The specific charges and details of these cases were not mentioned in the report. Additionally, the grand … Read more

Forgery and Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Unveils Dark Secrets at Illinois Dealership

KANKAKEE, Ill. – A lawsuit has been filed against a car dealership in Kankakee, Illinois, alleging forgery and sexual harassment. The lawsuit claims that employees at the dealership engaged in fraudulent activities and subjected female staff members to harassment. The lawsuit, which was filed by former employees, accuses the dealership of forging signatures on car loan documents, resulting in financial losses for both customers and the dealership itself. It also alleges that women working at the dealership were subjected to unwelcome advances, groping, and inappropriate comments from male coworkers and supervisors. The plaintiffs in the … Read more