Former Overstock CEO’s Attorney Detained After Sharing Internal Documents from Dominion Voting Systems in Election Fraud Allegations

WASHINGTON (AP) — A lawyer representing former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne was detained on Monday at the federal courthouse in Washington. Stefanie Lambert was arrested for disseminating internal documents from Dominion Voting Systems, reigniting baseless claims about the 2020 election. Lambert is facing a bench warrant in Michigan, where she is accused of participating in a conspiracy to tamper with voting machines in an attempt to find evidence of fraud. Meanwhile, she is also representing Byrne, who is being sued by Dominion for defamation over false allegations that their machines enabled vote tampering. The U.S. … Read more

WWE Under Scrutiny: Internal Reactions to Janel Grant’s Lawsuit Expose McMahon’s Leadership

ORLANDO, FL – WWE is facing intense scrutiny after Janel Grant filed a lawsuit alleging sexual assault, exploitation, and trafficking against the organization, as well as its CEO Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis. The lawsuit highlights a disturbing atmosphere within WWE that enables such misconduct. Although it was McMahon and Laurinaitis who allegedly committed the actions, the WWE itself has been accused of complicity. According to Dave Meltzer’s report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, reactions to the lawsuit within WWE have been varied. One WWE star was deeply affected by reading the lawsuit, expressing sadness … Read more

Spotswood Mayor Calls for State Intervention to Address Internal Affairs Crisis in Police Department

Spotswood, New Jersey – The Spotswood Police Department is facing mounting legal challenges as yet another lawsuit has been filed, prompting Mayor Jackie Palmer to seek assistance from the state Attorney General’s Office to ensure accountability within the department’s internal affairs unit. Mayor Palmer expressed concern over the broken internal affairs operation and called for an end to the targeting of police officers, borough employees, and public officials. The recent lawsuit was filed by four police officers – James Parsons, Daniel Hoover, Osman Dikiz, and Dominik Skibniewski – against the borough, police department, Police Chief … Read more